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new 4½-mile paved path coming to jones beach

the less developed part of jones beach state park, located to the west, is being opened up to anyone who cares to walk, run, bike or wheel on a new 4½-mile paved path, officials said.

rain delays work on paved trail connecting fort collins, loveland

recent rainy weather has delayed completion of the front range trail, the first paved trail to connect loveland and fort collins.

the ’80s movies that paved the way for ‘ready player one’

ready player one is a nostalgia-infused trip down memory lane. based on the book of the same name by ernest cline — and directed by steven spielberg — the film revolves around a young hero who enters a contest in a virtual reality called the oasis. one where knowledge of 1980s pop culture is the key […] the post the ’80s movies that paved the way for ‘ready player one’ appeared first on fandom.

road paved with clamshells emits stench, covered in maggots

tiverton, r.i. (ap) — residents of a small rhode island community say their neighborhood has been beset by a terrible stench after one of their neighbors paved a road with unwashed clamshells. wjar-tv reports (http://bit.ly/2r6upa5 ) a property owner in tiverton put down the shells on an access road last week. but the uncleaned shells […]

roadshow: adding lane lines on paved roads is slow

plus: reader says sap should pay the $7,000 to encourage the use of public transportation.

nearly $1 billion in side deals for california gas tax approved

the earmarks that paved the way for the gas tax's passage now await the governor's signature.

why palestine activists want a uk apology over balfour

critics of declaration that paved way for creation of israel say britain is culpable for ensuing palestinian suffering.

tom siebel is getting his systems running again, this time in iot

news analysis: how small but fast-rising c3 iot has paved its own way in the nascent industrial internet of things market.

ncaa tournament: road to final four paved by big shots

a look at some memorable march madness moments and thoughts from coaches and players about performing in the clutch.

putrid stench, maggots annoy neighbors after road is paved with clams

residents of a small rhode island community say their neighborhood has been beset by a terrible stench.

the low points in a very racist year

the inauguration of donald trump paved the way for the normalization of racism.

how driverless cars, drones and other tech will change the urban landscape of so

joni mitchell once lamented how developers "paved paradise and put up a parking lot." but what happens when demand for parking lots fades?

krauthammer: gop can thank harry reid for gorsuch ascension

reid's senate rules change paved path for gorsuch confirmation

angel of hope garden spreads its wings in maple grove

maple grove expanding paved area around a statue where people honor lost loved ones.

gentrification, affordable housing, and the changing face of denver (4 letters)

gentrification has been and always will be ever thus in america. developments follow both money and progress, and progress sometimes means history and cultural identities are paved over.

3 scientists, planned parenthood win lasker medical prizes

two scientists who paved the way for widely used vaccines and another who discovered key players in cell growth have been awarded prestigious medical research awards.

hanyu's path to 2nd olympic gold was paved with patience

yuzuru hanyu was on crutches with a badly injured ankle when his coach brian orser asked the 2014 olympic champion what his goal was for 2018.

heavy stellar traffic sends dangerous comets our way

sixty-six million years ago earth underwent a cataclysmic change. back then, our planet was dominated by dinosaurs, but a mass extinction event hastened the demise of these huge reptiles and paved the way for the mammalian takeover.

should e-bikes be allowed on colorado’s single-track trails? (4 letters)

kudos to steve lipsher for capturing  the myriad of conflicts on both our paved bike paths and mountain trails, which will be made much worse by electric bikes.

san jose: homicide victim played football, had ‘great heart’

"smiley paved the way as a great football player for our team while our group was up and running," the san jose 49ers said in a facebook post.

with 'surpassing certainty,' janet mock provides her blueprint to self-love

the road to self-love and confidence is paved with good intentions. along the way, the ups and downs of life can deter even the most diligent of travelers. there is no blueprint on how to navigate the world, especially if you’re a transgender woman of color. but with her second book, the recently...

jonathan kay: why canada’s refugee policy may actually be doing more harm than g

when it comes to helping victims of syria’s civil war, the road to hell is paved with good intentions

looks like florida will get at least one more medical marijuana distributor

an administrative ruling has paved the way for at least one more medical marijuana distributing organization in florida.

sports briefly: lynch to go into 'beast mode' again, but this time with raiders

marshawn lynch is coming out of retirement after agreeing on a two-year deal with the raiders that paved the way for a trade to his hometown team in oakland.

nitrogen and horchata mix at michael voltaggio's latest restaurant

imagine a plate at the new ink.well, a heavy one whose steeply curved lip is high enough to ensure that a haphazardly placed fork balanced on it slides right down into its contents. the plate’s surface is paved with a thin layer of mexican-chocolate ganache painted over a macadam of cookie crumbs....

nepal makes scant progress in rebuilding 2 years after quake

the paved alleys are still lined by the skeletons of homes once filled with families. shop shelves are empty, and the water well in the center of town remains clogged by fallen debris. children carefully side-step piles of broken brick on their way to school.

edith windsor, who helped end gay marriage ban, dies at 88

edith windsor, a gay rights pioneer whose landmark supreme court case struck down parts of a federal anti-gay-marriage law and paved a path toward legalizing same-sex nuptials nationwide, died tuesday. she was 88.

how lakers-celtics paved the way for the cavs-warriors

by the time the los angeles lakers met the boston celtics for the third time in the nba finals in the 1980s, defensive stopper michael cooper had enough with larry bird, kevin mchale and the rest of the celtics.

rightly or wrongly, parker center's dark history appears to have paved the way f

the history of seemingly every square foot of habitable land on earth is littered with stories of death, destruction, brutality and injustice. almost every place where people live today had former occupants who were more than likely forced to leave under unhappy circumstances. in california, we...

‘money is driving the project’: parks canada appears to be rushing ahead with ic

parks canada is proposing a paved route buffered from the busy road by trees, but environmental groups say it will damage sensitive caribou and grizzly bear habitat

how coachella became a famed music event and paved the way for festivals that fo

since the coachella valley music and arts festival launched in 1999, festivals in southern california has proliferated, though most focus on attracting a niche audience rather than seeking the mass appeal of coachella.

poland to demote communist-era generals to rank of privates

poland's right-wing government paved the way on thursday for stripping the nation's last communist leader, the late gen. wojciech jaruzelski, and other communist-era officers of their rank, calling it an "act of restoring moral order."

tom siebel is getting his systems running again, this time in iottom siebel is g

news analysis: how small but fast-rising c3 iot has paved its own way in the nascent industrial internet of things market.

debate coming this spring on use of electric bikes on aspen-area trails

multiple jurisdictions in the roaring fork valley are going to determine this spring if they can get on the same path regarding use of electric bikes on paved trails.

prep athletes of the week: fun paves the way for henry sibley gymnast

a lesson learned last year by henry sibley gymnast sophie redding paved the way for a senior year to remember.