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anoka county says 'typo' led to inflated voter count in recent referendum

anoka cites “typo,” but st. francis school officials question explanation.

biz break: whoops! amazon says a typo caused website outages this week

amazon says a simple typo caused the outage in its web services that brought down many websites for several hours earlier in the week. also, more and more drama comes out of uber.

single typo in a server command brought down aws's s3single typo in a server com

the problems feb. 28 caused more than 150,000 websites and apps to become unavailable, while others indicated broken links and images.

that's not a typo, his job title is "sciencer"

patrick saul's business card is just one small way you know that old town distilling co. isn't a typical whiskey company.

‘we wish you were stable enough’: morning joe says trump is too ‘erratic’ for tw

the hosts of msnbc’s morning joe on wednesday suggested that a late night twitter typo from president donald trump was no laughing matter. shortly after midnight, the president tweeted, “despite the constant negative press covfefe.” the tweet became the talk of social media, and tr...

‘no challenge is to great’: trump’s official inauguration portrait features an o

pres. donald trump’s official 2017 inauguration portrait features the word “to” when its homonym “too” was what was required, a typo that apparently went undetected throughout the process of creating the design. thehill.com reported sunday that the portrait — issu...

trump’s tweeted typo covfefe becoming vanity license plates

augusta, maine (ap) — president donald trump’s mysterious tweeted typo covfefe is coming soon to a license plate near you. the maine department of motor vehicles confirms someone claimed covfefe for a personalized license plate just hours after the republican president’s now-infamous tweet at 12:06 a.m. wednesday. local media report it’s also happening in other […]

we all needed that shot of 'covfefe'

trump's typo provides a respite from debate on more serious issues.

sean spicer says 'covfefe' wasn't a typo: trump knew 'exactly what he meant'

president trump made a typo? never.        

aws's s3 brought down by single typo in a server command

aws's problems on feb. 28 caused more than 150,000 websites and apps to become unavailable.

trump tweets typo late at night, and twitter goes wild

it’s a good guess that the word he was looking for was “coverage.” it came out “covfefe.”

trump tweets typo late at night and twitter goes wild

at 12:06 a.m. wednesday, president donald trump tweeted a strange sentence fragment.

trevor noah traces down the origins of trump’s “covfefe” typo

the daily show host provided a hilarious spin on trump's latest l.

walt whitman novel lost for 165 years holds clues to 'leaves of grass'

a typo-ridden 1852 newspaper serial by an anonymous author turns out to have been written by one of america's greatest authors.

cnn resurrects covfefe meme by pitching it to, then insulting, spelling champ

before president trump's infamous 'covfefe' typo was deleted six hours after it was posted, it became one of the most popular ever, with 62,000 likes and 127,000 retweets.

palestinian rock band dreams of a brighter future

typo's music reflects band members' experiences of living in gaza amid mounting political and economic pressure.

that big amazon s3 outage was caused by a typo, company admits

on monday, many websites, news services, publishing platforms, and other internet-connected things that use amazons aws platform went dark. the cause can finally be revealed. (more…)

accident investigations and the typo that shut down the aws cloud

news analysis: the now famous type in a server update routine was only one in a chain of factors that brought down amazon web services' cloud and shut down thousands of sites.

anoka county says 'typo' led to inflated voter count in recent referendum

the county originally reported 5,270 total voters, more than 600 off its revised count. some are questioning the county’s explanation.

anoka county says 'typo' led to inflated voter count in recent referendum

the county originally reported 5,270 total voters, more than 600 off its revised count. some are questioning the county’s explanation.

the best chicago parks for every occasion

chicago is home to more than 600 parks and beaches. no, that's not a typo. with that many opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy your taxpayer dollars, you have no excuse to waste this earth day inside. now that warm weather is upon us—most days, at least—forget making reservations for a crowded...

alabama 'derserves' moore? rival site grabs campaign ad typo

because of a misspelling, a bus-sized ad supporting roy moore in alabama's gop senate primary directed people to a democratic candidate's campaign website.

british columnist under fire for echoing nazis in calling for a ‘final solution’

hopkins deleted the tweet after it drew a reaction, calling the word 'final' a 'typo' that was 'disrespectful' to the manchester survivors

fat finger: typo caused amazon’s big cloud-computing outage

amazon says an incorrectly typed command during a routine debugging of its billing system caused the five-hour outage of some amazon web services servers on tuesday.

the climate could hit a state unseen in 50 million years

no, the headline is not a typo. current carbon dioxide levels are unprecedented in human history and are on track to climb to even more ominous heights in just a few decades. if carbon emissions continue on their current trajectory, new findings show that by mid-century, the atmosphere could reach a...

internet loses it overnight after trump’s bizarre #covfefe typo

what (as of this writing) commands 63,473 retweets, 78,079 likes, more than 200,000 google searches and the collective attention of late-night twitter? why, covfefe, of course. if you’re not acquainted with the word, it’s what president donald trump tweeted at 12:06 a.m. on wednesday as ...

white house typo names attorney general of 'american sonoma'

this looks like another case of autocorrect run amok.       

san pedro puts the gaffe in 'gaffey streeet' signs

the new decorative “gaffey streeet” signs in san pedro’s downtown corridor are definitely getting attention — but for all the wrong reasons. did you catch the mistake? if you didn’t, you’re not the first person to miss the extra “e” in street. the typo has inspired both laughs and grumbling after...

uh oh. trump's official inauguration poster has a typo

the library of congress removed an official inauguration portrait of president trump that contained a spelling error sunday shortly after pe...       

gaechinger cantorey brings a new name and spellbinding sound to disney hall

the name gaechinger cantorey might strike baroque music enthusiasts as a typo. in fact, as of this season, it is the new spelling of gaechinger kantorei, the pioneering choral group founded by helmuth rilling in 1954 near the beginning of the post-world war ii baroque boom and led since 2013 by...

trump tweets would be archived around covfefe

trump tweets would be archived under covfefe act president donald trump’s taking to twitter to attack his enemies and engage his supporters has become one of the defining characteristics of his presidency. but his tendency to delete tweets, oftentimes to fix a typo, has some questioning if the presi...

300-year-old bible in new jersey is known for a typo

the infamous vinegar bible turns 300 this year. there are just 17 in the u.s.       

sheila michaels, feminist who popularized the term 'ms.', dies at 78

how a perceived typo led to a two-letter revolution.        

white house mistakenly calls treasury secretary steven mnuchin by wrong title

a few hours after steven mnuchin unveiled the trump administration's tax reform proposal, the white house sent out a transcription of the briefing...with one kind of big typo in it.        

trump hires another attorney weeks after his lawyer sent out typo-filled crimina

president donald trump has hired another attorney just a few weeks after his existing attorney, marc kasowitz, sent out a press release riddled with typos. according to politico, john dowd was hired to be an additional resource to kasowitz. the new high-profile lawyer represented john mccain during ...