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the best time to replace just about everything

cleaning out the cupboards or garage and wondering if it's necessary to pitch everything to stay on the safe side? the post the best time to replace just about everything appeared first on holy kaw!.

hpi to replace batteries in notebook pcs due to overheating hazard

daily video: hpi has samsung-like problem: overheating batteries; iphone production volume slid 11.5 percent in 2016; google says it blocked 1.7 billion ads for policy violations in 2016; and there's more.

what fans need from the end of adventure time

adventure time premiered in 2010 and quickly be e a favorite of cartoon viewers of all ages. created by pendleton ward, adventure time follows the lives of finn the human and jake the dog in the land of ooo. even with many awards and high ratings, the show will be coming to an end in 2018. […] the post what fans need from the end of adventure time appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

secret recording reveals gop is freaking out about repealing and replacing obama

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071283'; click here for reuse options! there appears to be no path forward at this time. a secret recording obtained by the washington post reveals the gop is freaking out about its obamacare repeal. republicans have spent the last years boasting of repealing former president barack obama’s affordable care act, and with donald trump now in the white house, that goal seemed promising for republicans — except they haven’t decided on a replacement.the recording of a closed-door meeting on thursday revealed gop lawmakers’ concern about moving forward with a quick repeal. “we’d better be sure that we’re prepared to live with the market we’ve created [with repeal],” said california rep. tom mcclintock. “that’s going to be ca

the tv tipping point: where do we go from here?

it’s time for a change. we’ve reached a tipping point: it’s now more common than not to subscribe to one or more streaming tv services. that’s where this digital life column comes in, which is being overhauled for the time being to zero in on the over-the-top (ott), as in over-the-internet, industry....

nhl names 10 blackhawks among its top 100 players of all time

amid the palm trees, glitz and glamour that are synonymous with los angeles, the nhl unveiled its list of the top 100 players of all time during a slick, made-for-tv ceremony friday night. though thrilled to be included with legends of the game such as gordie howe, wayne gretzky, bobby orr and...

get 72% off nord virtual private network service for a limited time - deal alert

nord gives you a private and fast path through the public internet. all of your data is protected every step of the way using revolutionary 2048-bit ssl encryption even a supercomputer can’t crack. access hulu, netflix, , itv, sky, raitv and much more from anywhere in the world. unmetered access for 6 simultaneous devices. you're sure to find dozens of good uses for a . take a ntage of the current 72% off deal that makes all of this available to you for just $3.29/month (access deal here). this is a special deal available for a limited time.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

weekend preview for january 27

your weekend time is valuable and at the end of a long week, the discretionary time must be spent to its maximum value. to help narrow down your choices on the film, television, and gaming fronts, every friday, the weekend preview gives you the rundown of your options and an educated guess as to which […] the post weekend preview for january 27 appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

get chai: israel moving toward marijuana legalization

yesterday, the israeli government announced major steps toward legalizing marijuana. medical cannabis is already a big thing in israel and permitted by traditional jewish law. according to public security minister gilad erdan, the new policy is part of a "shift to decriminalization with responsibility." progress! yet, the focus on "treatment" for offending minors seems a bit ridiculous. from cnn: the new policy would apply to users carrying up to 15 grams, roughly a half-ounce. if p ed, first-time offenders would face a fine of 1000 shekels (about $265), with the offense not appearing on their criminal record. those caught for a second time would see the fine double. if caught a third time, the punishment would be at the discretion of the police. on the fourth offense, the suspect could

get 3 months of now tv for just £3 with our deal of the day

for a limited time you can get access to now tv's entertainment p for £3.

paleo cocoa

cocoa may be the most comforting beverage of all time. and while i have fond childhood memories of packets of cocoa with tiny hard marshmallows, my taste in chocolate has become slightly more sophisticated as an adult. this paleo chocolate is high on the cocoa content, lower on sugar. it’s sweetened with dark amber maple syrup and gets a flavor boost from espresso powder. make a double batch of the cocoa syrup base and store it in the fridge so you can have truly great chocolate in the time it takes to heat up some milk! continue reading "paleo cocoa" »

let’s hold all politicians accountable for lying. not just the ones we dislike

false statements deliberately intended to deceive americans are always lies. it's about time the media started acting like it.

what to do with nukes? blow up dangerous comets, of course

should a comet be detected on a collision course with earth, we'd have very little time to prepare, but our stockpile of nuclear warheads could be repurposed as insurance against this existential threat.

as falcons return to big game, remembering the dirty birds

the last time the atlanta falcons made it to the super bowl, they put on quite a show.

h an rouhani: now is not the time to build walls

rouhani's warning follows order by us president trump banning visas for iranians and six other muslim-majority nations.

this time-lapse captures the awe-inspiring power of lava flowing into the ocean

any seasoned landscape p og her can tell you that the moment spent actually pressing the shutter is just the tip of the iceberg – hours and even days are spent planning, getting into position and waiting for the right conditions. so the story behind jack fusco's impressive new time-lapse, 61g ocean entry, might be familiar to landscape p o veterans. fusco and team traveled to hawaii's big island hoping to capture a somewhat rare occurrence: lava flowing into the pacific ocean from kilauea volcano. the goal was to capture a time-lapse of the stars along with the spectacular light show created by the flowing lava meeting ocean water. if you watch the video above and you'll see that fusco's mission was a success, but the behind-the-scenes story is equally fascinating

wanna bet? once gambling-shy nfl plans move to vegas

once upon a time, the thought of gambling on a pro football game brought gasps of indignation from the nfl offices. and swift action if it was a player who actually placed a bet.

prince harry jogs with homeless youth in london, drawing double-takes from p ers

'next time i will come and play pool maybe,' his royal highness said after a tough warm-up and a 17-minute run through northwest london

what to expect from apple’s q4 2016 earnings call next week

it’s that time again–time to tie that tie and tighten your money belt. next week, apple will once again reveal its quarterly earnings report, leading to a lot of kremlinology, the parsing of numbers, and a bumping up or down of the apple stock price.the results will arrive on january 31 at about 1:30 p.m. pacific, followed at 2 p.m. by the usual phone call between apple execs (generally ceo tim cook and cfo luca maestri) and a collection of analysts.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

brexit: can the uk get a better deal?

chief brexit negotiator, guy verhofstadt, says it’s technically impossible for the uk to get a new trade deal in time.

comment on eat amazing (and healthy) for $50/month by natalia serafin

you didn't give any specific tip as what to buy exactly, just ranted about taxes and proteins. unfortunately for me this article was a waste of time. you could make an effort to write down an example of your grocery list for a week/month. it was like a clickbait; it;s a disaster dude

counter: ramen weather

if it’s been an unaccountably long week for you too, then maybe it’s time to head to the mall. not kidding, at least if you love ramen as much as most of us do. because not only is din tai fung at the mall in glendale, there’s now a branch of one of the best ramen shops in southern california there...

comment on 10 life changing tips for successful and happy life by richard cates

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chinooks / snow-eating winds of the rockies

a meteorological phenomenon that can bring extreme temperature changes within a short period of time, chinook winds are created when warm, wet winds blow from the northwest coast of north america over the rockies.

trump cabinet’s first world problem: omitting a few million here and there

u.s. president donald trump’s cabinet is worth a combined $14 billion, and they are catching flak in recent weeks for confessing an inability to keep track of their vast sums of wealth. but private bankers who work with the ultra rich say that if they had a dollar for every time a client forgo...

q&a: rams general manager les snead talks rookie coach sean mcvay, draft needs a

for the second time in two years, the rams are in the midst of major transition. in 2016, the franchise moved from st. louis to los angeles. the rams drew more than 90,000 to the coliseum for an exhibition against the dallas cowboys, but fan interest waned by the end of a 4-12 season that included...

study: gr carp have invaded 3 of the great lakes, including lake michigan

invasive gr carp have reached three of the great lakes and pose a significant environmental risk there, but time remains to prevent them from getting out of hand, according to a scientific analysis released friday. the voracious gr carp is among four asian carp species threatening to reach...

wanna bet? once gambling-shy nfl plans move to vegas

once upon a time, the thought of gambling on a pro football game brought gasps of indignation from the nfl offices. and swift action if it was a player who actually placed a bet. paul hornung and alex karras each were suspended for the 1963 season for gambling on nfl games. when the league suspended […]

california chrome-arrogate showdown makes pegasus racing's 'super bowl'

there is no overstating the magnitude of urday’s inaugural pegasus world cup. the $12-million prize purse is thoroughbred racing’s richest ever. the winner will receive $7 million, also an all-time high. big purses often fail to attract fields worthy of the reward. the pegasus has drawn north...

no. 11 oregon st women beat oregon for 12th straight time

sydney wiese scored 12 points, including a tiebreaking 3-pointer with 1:36 to play, and katie mcwilliams made a key steal in the final seconds as no. 11 oregon state beat oregon 43-40 on friday night to win its 12th straight over the ducks and fourth in a row overall.

‘show ’em a good time’: new lawsuit against baylor alleges 52 s in four years

a former student of baylor university on friday filed a lawsuit against the school alleging title ix violations and negligence, the dallas morning news reports. the lawsuit also claims the university hasn’t improved since the 2015 conviction of former baylor football player sam ukwuachu, which revea...

measles case prompts call to monitor for disease, officials say

suffolk health officials said an infant with a confirmed case of measles was examined at two medical facilities this month, and they are now urging anyone who might have been at those facilities at the same time to monitor themselves for the disease.

former pennsylvania mayor sentenced to probation in museum case

a former long-time mayor of pennsylvania’s capital was sentenced to two years of probation on friday after pleading guilty on charges related to the theft of artifacts purchased with public funds for a museum that was never built in the city. stephen reed, a collector of american west memorabi...

nasa displays apollo 1 command module hatches 50 years after fatal fire

half a century after a fire claimed the lives of three of its astronauts, nasa has placed on display the hatches from the flame-damaged apollo 1 command module, marking the first time any artifact from the capsule has been on public view.

50th anniversary of apollo 1 fire: what nasa learned from the tragic accident

this time of year is always a somber one for nasa as the space agency remembers the astronauts who died in three horrific spaceflight disasters. today marks the 50th anniversary of the first major disaster for the u.s. space program: the apollo 1 fire.