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the hidden truth behind ‘unlimited’ or ‘lifetime’ vpns

a lifetime vpn subscription deal might be temptingly priced, but is there a hidden cost?

get a lifetime of vpn unlimited for just $29.99

with the potential of internet service providers selling off your browsing info, protecting your data has become more essential than ever. a lifetime subscription to vpn unlimited can help by safeguarding your online activities and sensitive business information. normally $500, you can get a lifetime subscription today for just $29.99 today. vpn unlimited hides and encrypts your data from prying eyes, which is ideal when you're connected to public wifi, regardless of whether you're sitting in a coffee shop or an airport.to read this article in full, please click here

new: vpn unlimited lifetime subscription now $39

our readers technically prefer purevpn by the numbers, but vpn unlimited just cut their price point by more than half. the competition is ramping up.

need unlimited, lifetime domain hosting? dragify is offering it for $50

normally the lifetime subscription model from dragify costs nearly $300, but for a promotional period you can get it for 83% off.

windscribe is a vpn with clout

vpns are fast becoming a necessity, and in a crowded field, windscribe vpn is one of the stand-out competitors. lifetime subscriptions are now on offer.

the best vpns for macos in 2018

mac users aren’t short of sterling options when it comes to vpns.

the best vpns for windows 10 in 2017

there’s a massive number of vpns out there for microsoft’s os, but we’ll help you pick the right one.

the best vpns for mac os in 2017

mac users aren’t short of sterling options when it comes to vpns.

vpns are a hot topic following controversial us privacy vote

there’s been a major uptick in google searches for vpns, but will that translate to usage?

russia cracks down on vpns with new law to maintain censorship

vladimir putin’s government will force vpns to keep its blacklisted sites blocked.

vote to repeal us broadband privacy rules sparks interest in vpns

the vote by the u.s. congress to repeal rules that limit how internet service providers can use customer data has generated renewed interest in an old internet technology: virtual private networks, or vpns. vpns cloak a customer’s web-surfing history by making an encrypted connection to a priv...

the best vpns for creative users in 2017

we consider the best vpns for creative types using heavyweight apps and the cloud.

the best vpns for firefox in 2017

we looked at the best vpns for chrome a while back, and now it’s the turn of firefox.

the best vpns for turkey in 2017

these are the best vpns for those travelling to turkey whether on business or for a holiday.

the best vpns for russia in 2017

isn’t russia banning all vpns? that’s not quite the full story.

law outlawing use of vpns comes into effect in russia

a law banning the use of virtual private networks, or vpns, and other internet proxy services has come into effect in russia.

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simplify any design project with unlimited access to the icons8 library

if you are a ui designer, creating custom icons is often more trouble than it’s worth since you probably already spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with a range of application states, device sizes, and ux guidelines. instead of reinventing the wheel for every project, consider using assets from icons8.icons8 is a massive online library with thousands of professionally crafted vector icons for you to freely use in your digital designs. used by companies like apple, intuit, and adobe, icons8 has over 54,000 items in their collection. everything is organized into easily browsable categories and tags, so you’ll be able to assemble your own unique assortment for your next project. their icons can be integrated directly into photoshop and xcode, and you can even embed them into website h

vodafone reveals new plans of rs. 181 and rs. 195 offering unlimited calls

the rs. 181 plan comes with unlimited local and std voice calls and unlimited 2g data with a validity of 28 days.

law outlawing use of vpns comes into effect in russia

moscow (ap) — a law banning the use of virtual private networks, or vpns, and other internet proxy services has come into effect in russia. the law, the latest in a spate of legislation stifling internet freedoms in russia, was pushed by authorities who cited concerns about the spread of extremist materials. the bill that […]

surprise, surprise. at&t trumpets its own new unlimited plan

new york (ap) — at&t says any cellphone customer can sign up for unlimited data plans starting friday. that option had been limited to customers of at&t-owned directv. the change comes just days after verizon announced an unlimited plan without such restrictions. all four major cellphone providers now offer unlimited plans, a major reversal from […]

verizon revives its unlimited data plan after purging legacy unlimited data plan

verizon is just full of surprises. over the past year, verizon went negative on its legacy unlimited data customers by purging anyone using too much data. now, the company wants more unlimited data customers—at least up to a point. starting monday, you can sign up for the company’s new unlimited data plan, called verizon unlimited. for $80 a month, verizon customers receive unlimited 4g data on a single smartphone. anyone with multiple devices can add two lines on verizon unlimited for $70 per line per month ($140 total), three for $54 ($162 total) per line, or four for $45 ($180 total) per line.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

verizon now offering unlimited data plans

data hogs, rejoice! verizon is saying so long to overage fees by offering an unlimited data plan. the largest u.s. cellular carrier, long a holdout on unlimited plans, on monday announced unlimited 4g data, talk and text (with autopay)  for $80 per month, according to a news release. family plans...

verizon introduces new $80 unlimited prepaid plan – is it any good?

verizon has just introduced a new unlimited plan for prepaid users. it goes for $80 a month, offering unlimited talk, text and data. but what makes it special?

award-winning vpn unlimited deal

you want to be safe online, but choosing a vpn can be difficult. vpn unlimited has everything you need and is a firm favorite with the critics.

weekly plan spotlight: unlimited plans for $40 and under

right now, cricket is temporarily giving you 2 lines of unlimited data for only $80 per month. click through to see more details.

diana ross will be getting a lifetime achievement award during the american musi

the living legend will be awarded for a lifetime of greatness at the amas.

palo alto: ‘truth booth’ wants you to be candid

palo alto participants will get the chance to ponder the question, “what is your truth?” and respond by recording a two-minute video as part of the cause collective's global public art installation, in search of the truth (the truth booth).

verizon’s new unlimited plan launches today

remember the good old days of unlimited data on your verizon account? well, they’re back.

rok mobile has a cheap unlimited data plan for just $50

rok mobile offers unlimited service on the back of verizon's network, and it's actually affordable.

at&t’s primetime is an affordable android tablet that really wants you to use di

the self-branded tablet will be available for purchase this friday, with unlimited plus and unlimited choice customers able to add it to their plans.

surprise, surprise. at&t trumpets its own new unlimited plan

days after verizon unveils unlimited data plans, at&t steps up to join the party.

what is verizon unlimited? here’s everything you need to know (updated)

we explore the new verizon unlimited plan to find out what it offers, how much it costs, and how it stacks up against the competition.

flash broadband deal: get unlimited fibre for just £25 per month

strike while this particular iron is hot - you won't find unlimited broadband cheaper anywhere else

at&t jumps on the unlimited data bandwagon with an expensive new plan

at&t capped off this week’s carrier showdown by releasing its own unlimited data plan following announcements from verizon, t-mobile, and sprint.prior to this announcement, at&t only offered unlimited data plans to its directv and u-verse subscribers. before you get too excited, however, this plan is the most expensive of the bunch for a single line, and has a few drawbacks compared to the other plans.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here