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bepicolombo: joint mission to mercury

bepicolombo is a planned european-japanese mission to mercury. it is set to launch in 2018.

blackberry ‘mercury’ pops up on tim allen’s tv show last man standing

while the blackberry "mercury" phone has not been officially launched, it has already popped up on tim allen's tv sitcom last man standing.

hazmat team cleaning up mercury spill in new ulm

a hazardous materials team is cleaning up a mercury spill in new ulm.

blackberry mercury tipped to use google pixel era sensor, run snapdragon 625

the blackberry mercury has been tipped to use the same sony imx378 era sensor used by the google pixel. but hardware is only part of the story.

basketball rankings: boys, s bay area preps top 20

top high school basketball teams in mercury news, east bay times coverage area.

sunnyvale: charter school moves out of disputed pus

summit denali, a sunnyvale charter school, is officially out of its disputed pus on mercury drive. all students moved into a new location on weddell drive last week. the move ends a more than three-year legal quarrel with the city of sunnyvale over the school’s operating on mercury drive, in an area zoned for industrial use. the […]

going gluten-free might increase risk of arsenic, mercury exposure, study finds

going gluten-free? a new study shines some light on potentially unwanted side effects of skipping that morning bagel. in a report published by the scientific journal epidemiology, researchers found that practitioners of a gluten-free diet may be exposed to increased levels of arsenic and mercury...

q&a with stanford coach tara vanderveer

stanford coach tara vanderveer with mercury news sports columnist mark purdy and reporter elliott almond to talk about a 38-year career that is expected to include becoming the third division 1 coach in history win 1,000 games when the cardinal face usc and ucla this weekend.

correction: discussions between cal and kansas were about men’s basketball serie

a story about a new california law that ended discussions between cal and the university of kansas incorrectly reported that the schools were considering a series of women’s basketball games. the discussions were about men’s basketball. http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/02/06/cal-withdraws-from-talks-with-kansas-over-anti-lgbt-law/ setting the record straight: the mercury news corrects all significant errors that are brought to the attention of the editors. […]

near-record highs on the way in minnesota

winds gusting between 10 and 15 miles per hour will still leave a chill in the air, but nothing like the arctic air that sent the mercury below zero earlier this week.

2 m achusetts daily newspapers cease publication

boston (ap) — two m achusetts daily newspapers that could trace their roots to the late 19th century have ceased publication, citing financial pressures. the malden evening news and the medford daily mercury stopped publishing print and online editions in mid-january. they both published monday through friday. patrick horgan, a member of the family that owned […]

warmth returns with near-record high forecast for twin cities

winds gusting between 10 and 15 miles per hour will still leave a chill in the air, but nothing like the arctic air that sent the mercury below zero earlier this week.

mercury's water ice deposits have a mysterious origin

new analysis of observations made by nasa's messenger mission reveal where the solar system's innermost planet's water ice is but not where it's from.

behind the unexplained deaths of children in india, investigators find an unlike

every year in mid-may, as the mercury reached scorching heights, parents took children who had been healthy the night before to hospital, where 4 in 10 died

live video chat: the oroville dam crisis, wednesday at noon

join our discussion on the crisis at the oroville dam with david little, editor of the oroville mercury-register. the broadcast is on wednesday at noon, pacific time.

tuesday snow chance fizzles - chance of 40s and a few 50s by mid-february

50s in february? unusual, but it's happened before. winter appears to be on life-support; tuesday's chance of snow has diminished (more times than not snow lovers get ripped off these days) and any cold behind the storm will be fleeting. a id warming trend sets in the end of this week, but an early taste of april maybe be 2 weeks away as the mercury flirts with 50f. i know - odd and a little unsettling for mid-february. right now i'd bet on an early spring. then again, i picked atlanta by 3 points. oh well...

anchor josh elliott is out at cbs news

josh elliott is out at cbs news on monday after less than a year in the anchor chair at its digital news channel, sources say. the circumstances of the dismissal are related to his handling of his expected move to a higher profile role at cbs news, according to two people familiar with the matter...

fake news: yahoo, sources publish ire of betsy devos ordering ‘globe flattening’

fake news strikes again as a ire piece from the political garbage chute, states that the news secretary of education, betsy devos issued an order that all globes being used in any american school are to be “flattened like god made it just 6,000 years ago.” a source tells the global dispatch that cnn ran the report, […]

28 shades of mild: more march than february -- snow potential next tuesday

yes, it's chilly, but at least the sun was out. your weather menu choices this time of year consist of 30s and overcast or sunshine and teens. not much in-between. winds ease up today under blue sky; some recovery over the weekend with a dusting of flakes possible urday. a plowable snow is still possible next tuesday, although confidence levels in timing and amounts are still low. a couple cold days follow the storm before the mercury bounces back. by mid-february it may look and feel more like mid-march. the maps remind me a little of 2012, when some trees were flowering in late march. i don't think it's going to get that warm that fast, but another early spring can't be ruled out

'today' show executive noah oppenheim is named president of nbc news

nbc news moved to shake up its management team tuesday, putting the future of the news division in the hands of noah oppenheim, the executive in charge of the network’s highly profitable morning show “today.” the respected 38-year-old news producer, who also has a successful career as a screenwriter,...

if cnn is 'fake news,' where's a viewer to turn?

is cnn really fake news? so says our new president. donald trump, in fact, uttered this accu ion at a january news conference where he refused to take a question from cnn reporter jim acosta. i have more than a p ing interest in the answer to this question. why? because, to borrow from my friends...

is this the most ist fox news clip ever? ‘natural state’ of women is to ‘be the

a fox news segment on thursday advised wives who want a successful marriage to be more compliant to their husbands. in what media matters called “one of fox news’ most ist segments ever to air,” author suzanne venker explained that a man is responsible for taking control of the relati...

from cable tv to cattlemen’s websites, flood of trump news swamps the media

here is the latest news from the “stock exchange,” a website you’ve probably never seen that tracks news of interest to cattlemen and ranchers: tracy brunner, president of the national cattlemen’s beef n. is worried that the trump administration’s protectionist trade policies are going to be...

federal prosecutors are probing sexual harassment settlements paid out by fox ne

the u.s. attorney’s office is exploring whether fox news settlement payments for sexual harassment claims should have been reported to the shareholders of parent company 21st century fox. fox news said in a statement issued wednesday that it has been in discussions with the office “for months”...

m effect: andromeda release date, news and rumors

all the latest news about the fourth instalment in bioware's beloved sci-fi franchise.

facebook update aims to bring ‘authentic news’ to the top of your news feed

a new facebook update will roll out soon that will supposedly bring "authentic news" to the top of your news feed.

the new civics course in schools: how to avoid fake news

williamsville, n.y. (ap) — teachers from elementary school through college are telling students how to distinguish between factual and fictional news — and why they should care that there’s a difference. as facebook works with the associated press, factcheck.org and other organizations to curb the spread of fake and misleading news on its influential network, […]

feds might be investigating fox news for securities violations over ailes sexual

last year, fox news head roger ailes was ousted from the network after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment. now, fox news may be the target of a federal investigation, stemming from settlements of the sexual harassment claims. according to the hollywood reporter, government officials  ar...

megyn kelly’s move to nbc bad news for some network regulars?

"today" show axes its third hour to make room for former fox news anchor.

bipasha basu is one stepper at lakme fashion week

let us all agree that bipasha basu’s magic remains eternal. she sets the mercury soaring on screen and off screen. last night she walked for shane and falguni pea as a showstopper and looked like million bucks. the actress scorched the ramp in a floor-length cape sleeves gown. continue reading ...

media fact-checking more aggressive under trump

these days of alternative facts, phantom terrorist attacks and fake news are changing the way news organizations do their jobs.

the new civics course in schools: how to avoid fake news

teachers from elementary school through college are telling students how to distinguish between factual and fictional news — and why they should care that there's a difference.

kellyanne conway thanks fox news for blaming flynn debacle on leakers who expose

while trump adviser kellyanne conway was getting aggressively questioned by multiple news outlets on the michael flynn scandal on tuesday, she got a bit of relief when she went on fox news’s morning program fox & friends. instead of asking conway to justify president donald trump’s d...

russia wants apology from fox news for bill o'reilly's killer comment about puti

the kremlin says it would like an apology from fox news after an interview between president donald trump and bill o'reilly, in which the fox host described russian president vladimir putin as a "killer." "we consider such words by the fox news company correspondent to be unacceptable and insulting,"...

trump holds freewheeling surprise news conference

after announcing new labor secretary pick, president says he "inherited a mess," renews fake news claims and defends michael flynn