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the raconteur's "you don't understand me"

i really love the entire album consolers of the lonely (2008.)

inquirer writer lyon keeps working with alzheimer's

the hands that wrote the stories that branded him philadelphia's sports raconteur now tremble when he sits. bill lyon smacks the right hand resting on a cane to try to briefly stifle the tremors.

could young jean lee really be on the side of straight white men?

young jean lee looks me in the eye and smiles her most sympathetic smile. "i feel sorry for you," she says. "you don't get to have one of the big categories of oppression. you are expected to understand everyone else's experience and yet no one wants to understand your experience. everybody is...

inquirer writer lyon keeps working with alzheimer’s

broomall, pa. (ap) — the hands that wrote the stories that branded him philadelphia’s sports raconteur now tremble when he sits. bill lyon smacks the right hand resting on a cane to try to briefly stifle the tremors. “i can no longer write cursive,” lyon said. “terrible. completely illegible. block print.” he sits in his […]

new york times: our readers are too dumb to understand global warming numbers

when i challenged him about the ' test year on record,' a new york times reporter explained that his readers are too dumb to understand numbers.

donald trump's record: marketer, promoter - not ceo

to better understand the man in the oval office, cbsn spoke to some of the individuals who know his business career best

donald trump's record: marketer, promoter - not ceo

to better understand the man in the oval office, cbsn spoke to some of the people who know his business career best

donald trump's record: marketer, promoter -- not ceo

to better understand the man in the oval office, cbsn spoke to some of the individuals who know his business career best

‘i understand’ why police arrested me, says man mistakenly held as second suspec

laval student was giving first aid to a friend when he saw a man with a gun and ran. 'they saw me flee, they thought i was suspicious, that's normal.'

new state department order to revoke visas could have far-reaching effects

immigration lawyers are scrambling to understand the meaning of a letter first disclosed late tuesday.

oklahoma abortion bill: pregnant woman (or ‘host’) must get man’s permission

'i understand that they feel like that is their body. ... what i call them is, is you’re a host.'

here’s how to use the bible against abortion protestors

it’s time to confront conception obsessed bible-believers on their own terms, with language they understand....

the latest: iraq: we understand motives behind travel ban

the latest on u.s. president donald trump and his ban on refugees from muslim-majority countries (all times local):

the muslim brotherhood and trump's terror list

outlawing the brotherhood reflects a total failure to understand the historical complexities of the group's evolution.

salma hayek likens black feminism to victimization in exchange with jessica will

showing up in the name of progress isn't nearly as essential as listening with the desire to understand.

bionic eyes / seeing is believing

several techniques are being developed to convert the output from digital eras into signals the human brain can understand, making them into primitive but functional artificial eyes.

speaking up against trump’s immigration order

president donald trump does not seem able to understand the dire consequences of many of his actions. please continue to have the courage and leadership to stand up to trump and speak out.

we should fear ‘brave new world’ more than we do ‘1984’

george orwell’s dystopian cl ic, '1984,' is back in vogue—but to understand what's happening in our world, we need less big brother and more aldous huxley.

debating the travel ban? terms to understand what's what

president donald trump says it doesn't take a lawyer to see that his order banning visitors from seven muslim-majority nations is a "common sense" move to protect the u.s. from terrorists. he says even a bad high school student could figure that out.

why no terrorism charges in quebec mosque shooting? it would place extra burden

‘i can understand why people want a terrorism charge added,’ an expert in anti-terrorism law said. ‘but in this case it would add nothing in terms of the sentence’

'listening to the planets' to understand our changing climate | video

astrobiologist and author david grinspoon has been a student of the planets his entire life. he talks to space.com's @stevespaleta about what we can learn about earth from studying our solar system’s planets.

lawyers mobilize to help immigrants at denver international airport

lawyers mobilized at the dia international arrivals doors, offering free help, hearing from travelers and trying to understand what u.s. customs and border protection officials might be doing following donald trump's travel ban.

much confusion but little mystery in illusion theater spy drama 'miranda'

review: illusion theater’s “miranda” frustrates any attempt to understand the secretive world.

first atomic blast reveals clues about moon formation

the explosion that opened the atomic age more than 70 years ago is helping scientists understand another dramatic event: the formation of the moon.

if you have lots of kids, don’t take people’s curious comments too seriously

when people ask me questions or make comments about my five kids, i understand why. many are asking about a path not taken, or one that they are toying going down, but worry about the unknowns.

education nominee betsy devos never attended a public school; there’s nothing wr

suggesting that a private school education means you can't understand and support public schools is lazy thinking.

marchex stock rockets 20 percent after facebook deal

marchex will help marketers on facebook understand how their advertising efforts are paying off in terms of in-person and over-the-phone customers.

did a csu study find that space travel makes you younger? not so fast, professor

a new study suggests the intriguing possibility that spaceflight could reverse a key component of aging, but a colorado state university professor who worked on the study says more research is needed to understand what's going on.

can the us-japan alliance survive trump?

concerned. anxious. confused. perplexed. these are the most common adjectives i heard in tokyo from japanese officials and experts who are trying to understand the trump administration's approach to foreign policy and what it might mean for them. they are concerned about president donald trump's...

the president: a question of civility

why does our president feel it necessary to disparage and be mean to those who disagree with his actions? is he not sufficiently mature to understand that there will always be those who disagree with him? why can he not be gracious enough to honor the right of individuals to disagree with him without making […]

8 unexpected problems with email in the workplace

email is undoubtedly one of the fastest and easiest forms of communication there is in the workplace. it usually is better than trying to make phone calls, which often go unanswered and unreturned, and bad connections and thick accents often make it difficult to understand the person on the other end. however, emails can also […]

best gps running watches (february 2017)

there are tons of gps fitness watches on the market, so we understand choosing one can get confusing. join us as we round up the best gps running watches on the market!

among veterans, raw responses to trump's executive order

kyle dykstra served in the army's 82nd airborne division and deployed twice to afghanistan before being discharged and becoming a state department diplomatic security agent in iraq. in both locations, he worked with muslim interpreters who helped dykstra understand the people, culture and threats...

‘stop that bs’: joe scarborough hammers republicans for refusing to investigate

joe scarborough might be the host of “morning joe,” but as a former republican house member, he can provide insight into the inner workings of congress. wednesday he was at a loss to understand why rep. jason chaffetz (r-ut) and other members of congress were denouncing investigations in...

society needs humanities majors

the importance of a good education, especially one heavy in the humanities, is about being able to survey, understand and either strengthen or dismantle the apparatus that underlies our civilization, culture and society.