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the 3 secrets to successful small businesses

the united states has over 27 million entrepreneurs. people chasing the dream. the american dream of wealth, success and world domination. ok, maybe not world domination but the pride and prestige of having your own business and people looking up to you. but, what does it take to be a successful entrepreneur and run a […] the post the 3 secrets to successful small businesses appeared first on dumb little man.

4 greatest secrets of successful people

a lot of people like to attribute success to things like lineage or twist of fate as if they didn’t know that nothing happens by accident. you see, the reason why some people are more successful than others are usually due to the fact that they have much better organizational abilities. here, we are not […]

6 secrets to building a successful brand

building a brand in the highly competitive corporate arena requires so much. ideally, it goes beyond casual communication with clients across the social media platforms. building a successful brand must start from the inside of the company. to achieve this, you need to answer critical questions; what is the vision of the company? what makes […]

denver handmade homemade finally finds a home, 2 years after successful kickstar

denver handmade homemade has finally found a home for its micro-business incubator, two years after a successful kickstarter campaign to get the shared craft workshop and commissary kitchen off the ground.

‘you are in over your head’: #trumpresign campaign lights up twitter

on sunday night, a #trumpresign hashtag campaign gathered momentum on twitter, spurred on by actor george takei and playwright and “house of cards” creator beau willimon. willimon fired the opening salvos of the campaign on sunday afternoon. even @realdonaldtrump must know he can't s...

crowdfunding campaign's goal: buy twitter, then ban trump

former undercover cia agent valerie plame wilson is looking to raise enough money to buy twitter so president trump can’t use it. wilson launched the crowdfunding campaign last week, tweeting: “if @twitter executives won’t shut down trump’s violence and hate, then it’s up to us. #buytwitter #bantrump.”...

crowdfunding campaign's goal: buy twitter and then ban trump from tweeting

former undercover cia agent valerie plame wilson is looking to raise enough money to buy twitter so president trump can't use it. wilson launched the crowdfunding campaign last week, tweeting: “if @twitter executives won't shut down trump's violence and hate, then it's up to us. #buytwitter #bantrump.”...

champion germany perfect in best wcup qualifying campaign

defending champion germany wrapped up the most successful world cup qualification campaign with a 5-1 victory over azerbaijan on sunday, its 10th win from 10 games.

twitter shuts down blackburn campaign announcement video

republican rep. marsha blackburn's senate campaign announcement ad has been blocked by twitter over a statement the abortion rights opponent makes about the sale of fetal tissue for medical research.

secrets of camelot, hiding in plain sight

journalist thomas oliphant on the stories still being uncovered from archives about the campaign and presidency of john f. kennedy

anti-brexit advocate launches tactical uk voting campaign

london (ap) — businesswoman gina miller, who took the british government to court in a successful bid to win parliament a vote on brexit, launched a campaign wednesday to back pro-eu candidates at the ballot box. miller has raised 300,000 pounds ($385,000) in a week through crowd-funding for a campaign to support tactical voting in […]

here’s our twitter loser of the month: political ‘strategerist’ jim messina

june was not a kind month for jim messina. after managing barack obama’s successful re-election campaign, the washington, dc political consultant from idaho switched sides and began advising britain’s conservative party, the tories. after messina lead the tories to a spectacular defeat, ...

uber says it didn't use secrets smuggled from waymo

uber told a federal judge friday that it didn’t use stolen trade secrets for its driverless car project, and therefore the court shouldn’t force the company to stop that work. waymo, the driverless car arm of google, sued uber in february, accusing it of using trade secrets that had been smuggled...

hashicorp vault enterprise update manages distributed secrets hashicorp vault en

managing security information including passwords, gets a boost in new enterprise release of open-source based secrets management platform.

new articlehashicorp vault enterprise update manages distributed secrets new art

managing security information including passwords, gets a boost in new enterprise release of open-source based secrets management platform.

campaign contributions may have paved way to sell browsing histories

telephone and cable companies provided millions of dollars in campaign contributions in a successful bid to get lawmakers to reverse regulations that would have prevented internet providers from selling customers’ browsing histories, opensecrets data show. the federal communications commission regul...

delaware pharma company sues over allegedly stolen secrets

wilmington, del. (ap) — a delaware pharmaceutical company says a high-ranking scientist stole company secrets and shared them with a silicon valley startup. the news-journal reports that the company, incyte, is accusing jordan fridman, a scientist who worked at the company’s headquarters for more than a decade, of feeding company secrets about a cancer-fighting drug […]

how russian twitter trolls worked to deflect bad news around trump's campaign

disguised russian agents on twitter rushed to deflect scandalous news about donald trump just before last year's presidential election while straining to refocus criticism on the mainstream media and hillary clinton's campaign, according to an associated press analysis of since-deleted accounts....

unlocking japan’s secrets to healthy skin

if there’s one trait all japanese women share, it’s their fresh, glowing skin. it doesn’t matter if she is 20 or 60 years old, every japanese woman seems to have a flawless, radiant complexion. this begs the question, what is their beauty secrets to having porcelain-like skin? how do they manage to look younger and […] the post unlocking japan’s secrets to healthy skin appeared first on dumb little man.

the latest: grand jury indicts woman in leaked secrets case

the latest on a woman charged with leaking u.s. government secrets to a news organization (all times local):

ask amy: family secrets find a home with brother

i have become the person in my family who holds family secrets. i am the last of my immediate family, but i have half-siblings from my father's second marriage.

ed murray may campaign as write-in candidate for seattle mayor, but could it eve

could seattle mayor ed murray mount a successful write-in campaign for a second term? some political consultants see a path, but murray would face serious obstacles.

lauren gottliebâs fitness secrets

lauren gottlieb’s fitness secrets continue reading ...

man charged with trying to steal robotics firm trade secrets

boston (ap) — federal authorities have charged a dual chinese and canadian citizen with trying to steal valuable trade secrets from a massachusetts surgical robotics company. the u.s. attorney’s office in boston says 44-year-old dong “kevin” liu was charged thursday with attempted theft of trade secrets and attempted access to a computer without authorization. he […]

fed: chemours ex-worker tried to sell trade secrets to china

federal prosecutors say a former employee of a chemical company that spun off from the dupont co. in 2015 has been charged with conspiring to steal trade secrets and sell them to chinese investors.

unlock the secrets of ‘insidious: the last key’

insidious: the last key is coming out soon, and if you’re a fan of the supernatural horror franchise, there are some key things you need to know before you return to the further. the last key is a sequel to a prequel. while it’s the fourth film in the insidious series, it’s actually the second […] the post unlock the secrets of ‘insidious: the last key’ appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

tinder’s problems go far beyond recording your deepest secrets

when judith duportail received the 800-page report containing her tinder data, she saw it logged her deepest secrets from likes, online conversations with tinder matches, and more.

jewish baking legend reveals pastry secrets in new cookbook

"a jewish baker's pastry secrets" is a posthumous compilation of european pastry recipes and advice from the late george greenspan, aka the cheesecake king.

csis suspected soviet spies of stealing william lyon mackenzie king’s diary full

the missing diary covered the final two months of 1945, a period that included the pm's visit to washington to confer with the u.s. and britain about atomic secrets

turkey convicts opposition lawmaker for revealing secrets

a turkish court has convicted a prominent lawmaker from the main opposition party of revealing state secrets and sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

consultant charged in scheme to trade us secrets for profit

a washington consultant is among five people charged in a scheme to convert government secrets into hedge fund profits.

l.a. school board member ref rodriguez pleads not guilty to campaign charges

los angeles school board member ref rodriguez pleaded not guilty tuesday to charges that he illegally reimbursed 25 donors to his successful 2015 campaign. rodriguez, 46, is charged with three felony and 25 misdemeanor counts related to the alleged scheme. if convicted, he faces up to four years...

china announces trade secrets crackdown to assure investors

china has announced a crackdown on violations of patents and trade secrets in an effort to mollify foreign companies ahead of a visit to beijing by u.s. president donald trump.

things you need to know about caitlyn jenner

caitlyn jenner tells it all in her upcoming memoir titled “the secrets of my life.” the 320-page autobiography uncovered some of her deepest secrets that will surely blow every reader away. e! news shared a number of facts about caitlyn before and after her transition. the “keeping up with the karda...

these are the secrets to a successful twitter campaign

and check out the brands that scored big this year.