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this innovation expert's research shows how anyone can be like elon musk or stev

use these three strategies to nurture your own breakthrough innovation potential.

how iphones helped elon musk crush detroit

way back in 2011, major american automakers were slow to realize that "companies in silicon valley have for some time been looking at cars just like another mobile device or app." when the disruption, hit, it hit hard, writes nick bilton: (more…)

elon musk winning over la politicians for underground hyperloop tunnel network

billionaire entrepreneur elon musk, famous for altering the realms of space travel and cars with spacex and tesla, is winning political support in los angeles for his next innovation.musk's plan to build a supersonic, environmentally friendly hyperloop mass transit system beneath los angeles county is getting a thumbs-up from local political leaders, he <a href="https://twitter.

elon musk's ridiculous belief that tunneling under the sepulveda pass would take

to the editor: elon musk’s proposal for a tunnel alongside the 405 through the sepulveda pass is a wonderful-sounding idea that just may have some problems. (“elon musk’s tunneling company wants to dig through l.a.,” nov. 21) the article quotes musk’s estimate of “a year or so” for completion and...

in style for space: elon musk shows off first spacex suit

elon musk shows some style with functionality as he posts the first photo of a spacex space-travel suit.

biz break: elon musk shows he’s different by meeting with trump

tesla and spacex ceo elon musk joins business leaders meeting with president donald trump about plans to invest in the nation's infrastructure, showing how his thinking differs from many other tech leaders.

elon musk's spacex rocket family photo shows falcon heavy and falcon 9

a new photo from spacex ceo elon musk shows the company's new falcon heavy rocket on the launchpad as well as its falcon 9, which is currently prepped to launch the govsat-1 satellite later today (jan. 31).

here's how elon musk's tunnels will put an end to traffic jams

a new concept video shows how musk's new boring company wants to create a high-speed, automatic car network underground.

watch starman's entire deep-space ride on elon musk's roadster in just 80 second

feeling some falcon heavy withdrawal? you can relive the drama and spectacle of the giant spacex rocket's maiden launch, thanks to a new video that shows the journey of elon musk's tesla and its mannequin driver, "starman," out to deep space.

elon musk's tunneling company wants to dig through l.a.

billionaire entrepreneur elon musk has famously complained about the traffic he faces on his commute from his bel-air home to his office in hawthorne, near los angeles international airport. his solution? an alternate transportation system that could whisk commuters from the san fernando valley...

elon musk says, ‘we start digging the tunnel tonight’

billionaire entrepreneur elon musk gave the world the concept of hyperloop — a superfast ground-based m transit system — in 2013, but none of his companies have done anything to take it forward, leaving it instead for others to do so. however, musk is not entirely removed from the development of ...

elon musk says la is open to his boring idea: underground traffic tunnels

elon musk is having ‘promising’ talks with the mayor of la.

is elon musk cracking up? an investigation

he's always been a little wild, but lately elon musk has been a little extra. his tweets have been more erratic than normal over the past week.

tunnel to nowhere? elon musk starts digging in southern california, but to where

elon musk's infatuation with tunnels has taken a turn, but where it leads is anyone's guess.

cyborg future? elon musk's plan to compete with ai

elon musk thinks human cyborgs could counter the threat from artificial intelligence.

elon musk’s new venture could make his cyborg dreams a reality

because self-driving cars and space travel weren't sci-fi enough already, elon musk is planning something bigger.

spacex plans to fly two private citizens around the moon by late next year: elon

elon musk would not name the two space tourists, who he said approached the company and would pay for the flight

hey, elon musk, how is selling 10,000 flamethrowers a good idea?

to the editor: the los angeles times reports that elon musk has just pre-sold thousands of his boring co. flamethrowers. on the company’s website, it states that the fire-spouting devices are guaranteed to liven up any party and calls them a super terrible idea — unless you like fun. devices such...

elon musk: say 'sweet dreams,' humanity

elon musk has once again sounded the alarm about killer robots, this time in response to a video of a humanoid robot doing a backflip.

elon musk’s neuralink – everything you need to know

our complete guide to everything we know so far about elon musk’s plan to put computers in our brains.

elon musk steps out in australia with amber heard

billionaire elon musk is getting close with actress amber heard. the pair is shown in paparazzi photos zip-lining in australia, where heard is filming “aquaman.” both musk and heard posted pictures to their instagram accounts monday showing musk with lipstick on his cheek left behind from a kiss. musk wrote on his post that he […]

elon musk's neuralink brain chips might someday fight the robot uprising

elon musk is starting yet another company, this time to create implantable brain chips to treat neurological disorders and one day, perhaps, protect us from evil robot overlords. in a tweet monday night, musk confirmed a wall street journal article on the new company, called neuralink. “long neuralink...

elon musk promises australian power woes fix in 100 days

tesla chief elon musk is promising to solve an energy crisis in australia or his company's services are free.

elon musk promises australian power woes fix in 100 days

tesla chief elon musk is promising to solve an energy crisis in australia or his company's services are free.

book the next rocket to new york? what it'll take to realize elon musk's bizarre

spacex chief executive elon musk envisions a time in the near future when long-distance travelers on earth can hop on a rocket to go across the globe in less than an hour. but before musk can set his plans in motion, there are a few down-to-earth logistics questions he’ll have to answer first. ...

tesla's 10-year plan: elon musk could be paid billions or zero

elon musk has a lot riding on the growth of telsa inc.: his entire paycheck. the electric car manufacturer said tuesday that a new 10-year compensation plan for musk, its chief executive, could result in a windfall for the billionaire entrepreneur if the company’s stock value rises sharply. if...

watch elon musk react to falcon heavy launch in exclusive national geographic vi

an exclusive video from national geographic shows elon musk's surprised, joyful reaction to the successful first launch of a spacex falcon heavy rocket on feb. 6.

travel anywhere in under an hour: elon musk’s new plan

london (ap) — getting anywhere on the planet in under an hour — one of the more intriguing possibilities that elon musk, the billionaire innovator, raised as he unveiled plans for a new rocket. musk said the vessel would both take off and land vertically, like a space rocket. it would fly most routes — […]

elon musk quits trump advisory councils, saying: 'climate change is real'

elon musk said he was resigning from two white house advisory councils after president trump announced thursday that he is withdrawing from the paris climate accord. “leaving paris is not good for america or the world,” musk tweeted. musk, the chief executive of both tesla and spacex, had warned...

ai experts, elon musk want un ban on military weapons

tesla ceo elon musk is among several major tech industry figures and researchers who’ve signed an open letter urging the united nations to regulate the use of military weapons powered by artificial intelligence. in the letter from the future of life institute — which musk is a backer of — the 116 si...

elon musk lifts the veil on tesla's electric truck of the future – and teases a

elon musk unveiled the new tesla semi on thursday night — and surprised everybody with a working prototype of a new roadster sports car whose purpose, he said, is to “give a hard-core smackdown to gasoline cars.” musk claims the car will rocket zero to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds — the first...

elon musk hints at new products, shares glimpse of model 3

tesla ceo elon musk on friday offered new details about the model 3 and solar roofs.

elon musk on brink of “wright brothers moment” with reused rocket

if the rocket elon musk's spacex expects to launch next week looks familiar, that's because it is.

some more possible passengers on elon musk’s rocketship to the moon

the other day, we took a wild guess and came up with some names of possible ticket-buyers who want to circle the moon on elon musk's rocket. some of you had your own ideas . . .

travel anywhere in under an hour: elon musk's new plan

getting anywhere on the planet in under an hour — one of the more intriguing possibilities that elon musk, the billionaire innovator, raised as he unveiled plans for a new rocket.