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this serial entrepreneur shows how his business plan earned him a career in cannabis - Search

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this serial entrepreneur shows how his business plan earned him a career in cann

andy williams, co-star of msnbc's "the pot barons of colorado," and his brother pete built a marijuana empire--and it all started with a plan.

business q&a: veritas fine cannabis

a career as a cannabis producer in colorado means you have to be the very best in a very saturated industry.

here's why the beauty world is embracing cannabis products like never before

if you hear the word “cannabis,” do your thoughts turn to edibles or a debate about the merits of premium jack vs. grape stomper? sure, years of popular movies, tv shows and music have elevated the stoner stereotype to the top of the pop culture heap. but cannabis is making its mark in another...

6 new things we learned from california’s cannabis czar

lori ajax, chief of the bureau of medical cannabis regulation, talked to us on friday at the international cannabis business conference in san francisco. she told us six interesting things about pending regulations and licenses.

broncos hall-of-famer terrell davis will be the keynote speaker at cannabis busi

"as an entrepreneur myself, i am well aware of the struggles that people of color face in the business sector," said terrell davis.

nba champion john salley talks about the 'seed to sale' process for cannabis bus

salley shares his challenge launching a cannabis business.

the challenges of growing a cannabis business

this interview can help you understand the economic realities of starting a cannabis business.

redwood city allows cannabis business in east end of town

on monday, redwood city council approved an ordinance to allow some cannabis business in the city, just as long as it stays in the industrial area.

despite helping hand from l.a., drug offenders would face obstacles in cannabis

as california’s legal cannabis industry heats up, officials in los angeles and other cities say they want to make sure early players in the pot business who were selling it when it was still illegal aren’t pushed out of the market. in los angeles and oakland, city cannabis rules provide for so-called...

banned cannabis makes appearance at pot business convention

boston (ap) — banned cannabis has made an appearance at the new england cannabis convention in boston. the event took place on saturday and sunday at the hynes convention center, which bans the plant. marijuana samples were photographed at a vendor’s booth as the group gave away free cannabis seeds with the purchase of a […]

4 cannabis business ideas from the frontier of the legal weed industry

a colorado-based cannabis investor reveals how best to get into this burgeoning area.

ivanka trump’s business partner revealed as a ‘rich kid career grifter’ who refu

in a brutal profile on politico, ivanka trump’s business partner in her jewelry business is revealed as a “career grifter” with a history of lawsuits, unpaid bills and lawyers who want nothing to do with him. according to the report, moshe lax, who is described as a “43-year-old new york diamond heir and entrepreneur” was […]

where to find funding for a cannabis business

with limited funding options, almost no loans available and countless new cannabis businesses emerging every day, where does an entrepreneur go for capital?

the bumpy road to becoming the martha stewart of cannabis

find out how this serial entrepreneur turned every failure and obstacle into a motivating challenge during her rise in the marijuana industry.

the cannabis industry has had explosive growth in business expos and it isn't sl

expos are where entrepreneurs find their way to cannabis opportunity.

weed 101: this colorado university’s cannabis classes keep growing

the university of denver is broadening its cannabis curriculum by delving into the business-specific facets of the marijuana industry.

how one entrepreneur turned $200 into a seven7-figure business group

jessica abo sits down with the serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and business athlete behind jnk and co.

white house in turmoil shows why trump’s no ceo

throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, donald trump made much of his business experience, claiming he’s been “creating jobs and rebuilding neighborhoods my entire adult life.” the fact that he was from the business world rather than a career politician was something that appealed to many of his ...

why an increasing number of retiring entrepreneurs are selling the business to t

the most rewarding exit of all is getting the cash out you've earned while taking care of the people you grew the business with.

here are the rules for legal marijuana in california once the law goes into effe

regulators released california's new rulebook for legal cannabis thursday, giving business owners their first look at what they'll need to do to be in position to sell cannabis on jan. 1.

from chrysanthemums to cannabis: the “green rush” in salinas valley

fueled by the dream of marijuana riches, salinas valley, once the heart of the nation's flower-growing business, has moved on to a new crop: cannabis.

5 ways 'dadpreneurs' can balance home and work

your family and your business both need time and attention. here's how to develop a plan that supports your goals at home and in your career.

watch: why enthusiasm only gets you so far with investors

the season finale of 'entrepreneur elevator pitch' shows contestants with a strong business plan get the investment.

cannabis quandary: can pregnant women safely consume marijuana?

a new poll shows 69 percent of americans don't think pregnant women should use marijuana to reduce nausea or pain -- even among half of those polled who said they are cannabis users.

emphasizing social, shareable and meaningful work, girlboss launches a new site

girlboss, the juggernaut business and lifestyle brand launched by serial entrepreneur sophia amoruso (the founder of nasty gal), has launched a fresh redesign of its website as the company looks to evolve beyond publishing. while publishing will remain a central component of the business that girlboss is building, amoruso says that the brand encompasses much […]

25 business plan tips from professionals

to jump-start your business, have a solid business plan.

sponsored: it’s legal, now what? a beginner’s guide to cannabis

washington residents demonstrated their approval of cannabis consumption through medical legalization in 1998 and recreational legalization in 2012, but many have yet to try it. it is legal to purchase, but now what? the legalization of cannabis in washington state allows adults to enjoy cannabis in many forms: they can smoke dried cannabis flowers, inhale […]

how to write a business plan

now that you understand why you need a business plan and you've spent some time doing your homework gathering the information you need to create one, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get everything down on paper.

buying pot on new year's day? santa ana is l.a.'s closest option

looking to buy cannabis on new year’s day without a medical marijuana card? head to santa ana. seven cannabis dispensaries there will be able to start selling pot to california adults monday morning — and they’ll be the only such shops open for business in the greater los angeles area. permits...

why jeff sessions' new war on marijuana hasn't frightened investors or cannabis

the attorney general's new policy to resume unbridled federal enforcement of marijuana laws has inadvertently revealed just how entrenched the cannabis industry has already become.

adult-use cannabis is legal but very, very regulated.

don't ridicule government bureaucrats. after decades of marijuana being universally illegal, writing rules for a legalized cannabis industry is complicated.

nation's first cannabis drive-through opens in colorado as cannabis sales boom

rocky mountain high meets the american open road in the state where legal marijuana sales fueling a new economy.

study warns sky-high marijuana taxes drive consumers back to the black market

state governments eager for cannabis revenue need to remember the people who have sold pot tax-free for years are still in business.

cannabis women execs share industry’s success tips

female leaders of the cannabis industry in the bay area shared their secrets of success with up-and-coming women who want to stake a claim in the business during a gathering in san francisco thursday night.

dylan covey faces yankees in second career start

white sox right-hander dylan covey makes his second career start when the sox and yankees meet for the series finale wednesday at yankee stadium. covey gave up one earned run on five hits with three walks and one strikeout in his first career start friday against the twins in minnesota. “he’s improving,”...