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this successful entrepreneur explains why revenue is not the most important thing and what is - Search

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this successful entrepreneur explains why revenue is not the most important thin

littlebits founder and ceo ayah bdeir says that if you cultivate a vision you believe in, you'll gain the traction you need for long-term success.

the 3 most important traits of successful people

adam braun, founder of pencils of promise and the new missionu, discusses traits that make people successful.

staying motivated as an entrepreneur – top tips from some of the world’s most su

staying motivated is one of the most difficult things for entrepreneurs. it is the lack of motivation that causes many entrepreneurs to quit. below are some tips on how some of the world’s successful entrepreneurs stayed motivated despite the ups and downs in the business. joe martin, president of merchandize liquidators, llc joe martin, an […] the post staying motivated as an entrepreneur – top tips from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs appeared first on dumb little man.

why successful leaders should find time to doodle

a neurologist explains how doodling helps the brain switch modes and remember more, predict the future and become a more powerful version of itself.

why love is more important than wealth

sometimes we get so caught up in the money, we overlook the most important thing in life.

why achieving your goal should not be the most important thing

everyone has the will to win. it's having the will to prepare to win and enjoying it that is much more important.

how the skinniest kid in high school became a super bowl champion

10-year nfl veteran steve weatherford explains why hard work is more important than talent.

being nimble is more important than being right, and 4 other lessons i learned b

the early stages of a business are a careful mix of vision and flexibility, and that how you implement this mix will have a lasting impact on your business.

4 tips for a successful content strategy

as marketing evolves into a targeted, data-centric field, it's more important than ever to ensure that your content has a strong presence.

why participation medals can help kids in school

this olympic medalist explains why access is the most important part of fitness and nutrition.

why the best thing any entrepreneur can be is versatile

wahoo's fish taco founder wing lam explains the importance of always learning new things.

how this entrepreneur made a chatbot platform successful

chatbots are the next big thing but capitalizing on the opportunity requires as much work as ever.

how to handle 4 requests for free help you'll start getting now that you're succ

helping entrepreneurs who are not so far along on their journey is the right thing to do but to do it the right way it must be mutually beneficial.

cameron wolfe’s 2017 nfl draft baller squad

successful nfl teams and scouts trust their eyes. nfl combine testing, pro days, workouts and visits are all important when researching a draft pick. still, the most important portion of draft evaluation is the tape.

the 2 most important qualities you'll need to succeed

if you want to build a successful business, you must have guts and resilience.

how warriors’ sponsorship deal with rakuten indirectly helps with building a ros

“the better the player, the more they cost to be honest. they deserve it, by the way, and so we want to give it to them. the more revenue for the league, the more revenue for the players, and the thing that's exciting about a partnership like this is the whole nba benefits. the players benefit, the ownership benefits. so it's exciting.” -- warriors general manager bob myers

what's the worst thing that ever happened to you (and how did you learn from it)

one co-founder and ceo explains how he rebounded from rock bottom.

what's the worst thing that can happen as an entrepreneur?

two successful entrepreneurs talk about their worst days in business.

how to forecast revenue for sales prospects

predicting potential revenue from clients in various parts of the sales pipeline is hard. this technique can help.

how 16 successful business leaders start their day (infographic)

from meditation to kite surfing, learn how these successful entrepreneurs jumpstart their mornings.

the secret to successful leadership? make and break plans.

leaders come in all shapes and sizes. however, the one thing they should all have in common is the ability to make and break plans.

5 things a successful tv show and a successful business have in common

when you finally have a formula for success, follow it but never stop tweaking.

the critical components of a successful brand relaunch

many of the most successful companies in the world, from apple to harley-davidson, have undergone significant brand relaunches.

this millionaire explains the 5 skills you must master to do and sell more

"self-discipline strategist" rory vaden explains how to make sure what you're doing today will pay off tomorrow.

stress kills! 5 ways to keep your stress levels low.

the ability to manage stress is what sets apart successful entrepreneurs from not-so-successful ones. just ask bill gates and richard branson.

how to make meaningful connections with people who are more successful than you

if you're always the most successful person in the room, you're hanging out in the wrong rooms.

how my startup failed -- but i was still successful

in the startup world we often hear the phrase "fail and fail fast." the thing that people don't tell you is that failing hurts.

what's the most important thing to focus on when building your business?

surround yourself with good people, and you can't lose.

6 best tips for building a successful shipping business

if shipping is your thing, then the few tips below will certainly help you get you set up.

4 golden rules to boost blog-post engagement

the single most important thing to measure for every blog post you publish? how engaging it is to your audience.

3 social media tools entrepreneurs should be using every day

social media is evolving at an incredible rate. the most important thing you can do is to equip yourself with the best tools.

5 attributes of the super successful

everyone can develop the skills of the very successful.

willow glen, rose garden: lions successful in taming the bulldogs in boys, girls

when it comes to determining whether or not a lincoln high school sports team has experienced a successful season largely boils down to one thing—how did that team do against the arch rival san jose bulldogs? with that as the standard, both of lincoln’s two varsity basketball teams could count this past season as a success, even though neither finished the year with a winning record.

john oliver explains why the french election is more important — and scarier — t

the first round of france’s presidential election is coming up on april 23, and john oliver wants you to pay attention. “it’s way more important than you may realize,” he said on sunday night’s episode of last week tonight. that is because the leanings of france’s next presid...

salesforce sees another healthy revenue jump in q1 earningssalesforce sees anoth

the world's largest cloud-services business application provider has shown impressive double-digit revenue growth in each of the last three quarters.