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trump galvanizing government worker resistance — ‘federal employee unions are fl

federal government employees alarmed by the actions of president donald trump are increasingly turning to public service unions for workplace protection. “the three largest unions have reported a surge in the number of dues-paying members since trump’s election,” reported a new govexec s...

ivanka trump to become federal employee

ivanka trump, the daughter of president donald trump, is becoming an official government employee, joining her husband in serving as an unpaid adviser to her father in the white house.

busted: internal documents reveal right-wing plan to destroy public unions with

as a new poll shows labor unions enjoy their highest approval rating in over a dozen years, newly obtained documents reveal a nationwide plan by an alliance of right-wing think tanks to “deliver a mortal blow” to government employee unions to keep progressive politicians out of power at the state an...

plan to scrap state and local tax deduction hits resistance

washington (ap) — president donald trump’s tax overhaul package is getting resistance from an unusual alliance of interests opposed to his plans to scrap the federal deduction for state and local taxes. republican lawmakers from high-tax states such as new york, california and new jersey, labor unions and business groups like realtors are pressing the […]

federal murder complaint filed against postal worker

a federal criminal complaint wednesday stated that a disgruntled ohio postal worker murdered two u.s. government employees for performing their official duties.

unions will face a tough challenge when the supreme court says 'yes!' to freeloa

there seems to be little question that state employee mark janus will win his upcoming case before the u.s. supreme court and deal a severe blow to public-sector unions nationwide the bigger question is, what are the unions going to do about it? janus is a child-support specialist with the illinois...

ivanka trump reverses course, will become official government employee

ivanka trump will officially become an unpaid government employee, after initially saying that she would remain an informal adviser to her father with an office in the west wing. "we are pleased that ivanka trump has chosen to take this step in her unprecedented role as first daughter and in support...

federal judges dismiss unions’ appeal over pension overhaul

providence, r.i. (ap) — a panel of federal judges has dismissed a lawsuit filed by police and firefighter unions that challenged rhode island’s pension overhaul. wpri-tv reports the appellate panel upheld a decision monday, dismissing the cranston unions’ suit. the court ruled the unions had failed to prove their claims that the 2011 pension law […]

dunkin’ donuts employee sprayed co-worker with pepper spray

syracuse, n.y. (ap) — police in upstate new york say a dunkin’ donuts employee used pepper spray on a co-worker following an argument. the onondaga county sheriff’s office say the altercation happened at a syracuse dunkin’ donuts sunday afternoon. authorities say the employee sprayed another employee in the face after an argument. police say the […]

us mint employee leaves noose on black co-worker’s chair and is placed on leave

the u.s. mint in philadelphia has placed one of its employees on leave after they placed a noose on the chair of a black co-worker. cbs news reports that the employee, whose name has not been released publicly, was caught in internal surveillance footage walking across the factory floor holding a no...

trump properties would lose federal cash under dem bill

federal employees would no longer be able to spend taxpayer money at any trump-owned properties under a bill being pushed by senate democrats after one government worker racked up a $1,092 bill for a two-night stay at the president’s mar-a-lago resort while traveling on official business. the ...

un economist faces fraud charge in hiring of domestic worker

new york (ap) — a united nations economist has been arrested in new york on fraud charges related to his hiring of a domestic worker. hamidur rashid was charged tuesday in federal court. authorities say the 50-year-old employee in the united nations secretariat underpaid and overworked a domestic worker at his manhattan residence. he’s charged […]

ivanka trump: a white house force, just not an ’employee’

washington (ap) — president donald trump’s daughter ivanka trump will have a security clearance, a west wing office and the ear of her father on important policy matters. but don’t call her an employee. when it comes to government work, “employee” is more than just a word. that designation triggers an array of transparency and […]

study: extremists still flourishing in indonesia's prisons

indonesia's overcrowded prisons are ill-equipped to deal with islamic militant inmates, hampering efforts to prevent the spread of violent radicalism in institutions that have become known as jihadist breeding grounds, a study has found.

walmart employee trapped in freezer by co-worker, elgin police say

elgin police said thursday they are investigating a claim that a walmart employee was trapped in a freezer in the store by a co-worker, who later was fired by the company. a woman who works at walmart, 1100 s. randall road, filed a police report at 11:23 a.m. sunday, claiming two of her co-workers...

nasa will launch e. coli into space to study antibiotic resistance

e. coli, a common bacterial pathogen responsible for millions of urinary tract infections and foodborne illnesses every year, will blast off to the international space station (iss) on saturday (nov. 11) to take part in a study of antibiotic resistance.

us-turkey diplomatic crisis deepens

turkish prosecutors said on monday that they had summoned an employee of the united states consulate in istanbul to testify in a criminal matter, only days after the government's arrest of another u.s. consulate employee set off a bitter and unusually public feud between the trump administration and the government of president recep tayyip erdogan.

nuclear plant worker ‘deliberately’ tried to hide error, officials say

lower alloways creek twp. — a worker “deliberately” attempted to fix an error he had made while conducting tests at a new jersey nuclear reactor causing the plant to shut down 2 years ago, federal officials say. the now-former employee’s action prompted the hope creek generat...

sen. tom cotton: fire cfpb employee for going rogue against trump nominee

'the constitution and the law must prevail against the supposed resistance.'

fed: chemours ex-worker tried to sell trade secrets to china

dover, del. (ap) — federal prosecutors say a former employee of a chemical company that spun off from the dupont co. in 2015 has been charged with conspiring to steal trade secrets and sell them to chinese investors. an indictment unsealed this week accuses chemours co. ex-worker jerry jindong xu of trying to steal information […]

labor unions lead fight against ny constitutional convention

labor unions are leading the fight against a new york ballot measure to hold a constitutional convention, arguing that it's just too risky to tinker with the state's governing document and threaten existing protections for worker's compensation, unemployment benefits and collective bargaining.

how everyone found out i was secretly dating my co-worker

they tell you not to do so, and for good reason. he told me he fell for me the second i walked out of the dressing room in that norma kamali dress. no, i wasn’t a client. i was a co-worker. i was just trying on the dress to see if it was worth it with my newly acquired employee discount. this was...

employee arrested after racist graffiti, arson at church

kansas city, mo. (ap) — federal prosecutors say a church maintenance worker set a fire and spray-painted racist graffiti on a predominantly black kansas city church in order to cover up a theft. nathaniel nelson was charged monday with arson. he was a member and employee of the concord fortress of hope church and its […]

trump’s inroads in union ranks have labor leaders scrambling

some unions, even if traditionally democratic, have aims that align with trump’s stated priorities. but union leaders are in many cases scrambling to get in step with members who responded to trump’s pro-worker rhetoric — and to tap into that energy.

federal government stymies search for health answers in coal country

federal study on mining’s effects was suspended.

trump rolls out red carpet for some unions more than others

president donald trump says labor unions have an open door to his white house, but so far, he's holding the door a little more ajar for some organizations than others.

man accused of enslaving mentally disabled cafeteria worker

a south carolina restaurant manager has been ordered held without bond on charges of abusing and enslaving a mentally challenged employee, according to information released by federal authorities.

aly raisman calls out airport worker for ‘muscles’ comment

three-time olympic gold medalist aly raisman is calling out an airport security worker who she says questioned whether she had enough muscles to be a gymnast. raisman posted on twitter on wednesday that after a female transportation security administration worker said she recognized raisman by her biceps, a male employee said, “i don’t see any […]

the dnc wants to join the resistance. can it?

the dnc wants to join the resistance. can it? the democratic party is trying to join the #resistance. on saturday, the democratic national committee (dnc) is kicking off a campaign it has dubbed “resistance summer” in an effort to tap into the anti-trump energy that has bubbled up since november’s e...

israel: gaza aid worker for turkey diverted funds to hamas

israel's shin bet security agency says it has arrested a palestinian employee of a humanitarian program run by the turkish government on suspicion of illicitly diverting funds to militants.

union denies connection to unhappy tesla worker

the united automobile workers deny a charge by tesla ceo elon musk that an unhappy factory worker was really a union employee.

editorial: union-backed bill could return total secrecy to public employee contr

public employee unions in california are doubling down on pressure to keep contract negotiation details in cities and counties a secret. new legislation would exempt negotiation records from required public records act disclosure.

trump’s budget calls for hits on federal employee retirement programs

the budget proposal president donald trump plans to unveil tuesday would give to federal employees with one hand, while taking away with five others.

widow of rocky flats worker who died of cancer sues feds

the widow of a former rocky flats worker who died years after his employment at the nuclear weapons plant during the cold war is challenging the government's denial of her survivor benefits in federal court, according to court records.

resistance complicates use of gene drive to control dangerous pests

the use of gene drive technology to control wild populations of insect pests could be foiled by development of genetic resistance, according to a study in science advances published friday. genetic variability and the tendency of many insects to inbreed could encourage resistance, the study found....