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trump's "extreme vetting" plans causing anxiety for u.s. muslims

the uncertainty surrounding president trump's plans to ban immigrants from certain countries from entering the u.s. is causing stress among some already here

trump suspends admission of refugees, increases vetting of muslims; vows priorit

president donald trump signed an order friday to suspend admission of all refugees for 120 days while a new system is put in place to tighten vetting for those from predominantly muslim countries and give preference to religious minorities. trump said that the goal is to screen out "radical islamic...

trump signs executive actions on "extreme vetting," rebuilding military

president trump signed an action that indefinitely suspends the united states’ syrian refugees program

security analyst shreds trump’s fear-mongering of immigrants: attacks in us are

in a cnn discussion on president donald trump’s signing an executive order banning immigrants from syria from entering the country and ordering “extreme vetting” of applicants from muslim countries, a security analyst noted that the majority of terrorism in the u.s. is committed by...

trump signs order to temporarily shut nation's door to most refugees and start '

president trump signed an executive order friday that temporarily halts the nation’s refugee program and ushers in the most sweeping changes in more than 40 years to how the u.s. welcomes the world’s most vulnerable people. the order blocks all refugees from entering the u.s. for 120 days and suspends...

‘i am heartbroken’: read malala yousafzai’s powerful statement urging trump to w

after president donald trump signed an executive order on friday that would enact the “extreme vetting” of muslim refugees in an effort “to keep radical islamic terrorists out,” malala yousafzai issued a powerful statement. trump’s order promised to give special priorit...

local backlash over trump's order to temporarily halt visas, start 'extreme vett

abdul “lucky” manan spent years working as an interpreter for u.s. special forces in afghanistan, helping military troops navigate the language, culture and “rules” of his homeland. it was a dangerous job that e with the promise of a special visa, which took three years and landed him in san...

trump suspends refugee entry, vows priority for christians

president trump signed an order friday to suspend admission of all refugees for 120 days while a new system is put in place to tighten vetting for those from predominantly muslim countries and give preference to christians.

donald trump signs executive order for ‘new vetting measures’ to keep ‘islamic t

'we don't want them here': the president says he only wants to admit people to the united states who will support the country

chicago advocates condemn trump's order on refugees, migrants

chicago immigration reform advocates and muslim leaders denounced president donald trump's executive order to temporarily block refugees coming to the u.s. while the government reviews screening processes, calling it an effective ban on muslims in america. in issuing the order friday, which calls...

manitoba premier urged to apologize for saying aboriginal night hunting is causi

‘young indigenous guys going out and shootin’ a bunch of moose ’cause they can, ’cause they say it’s their right, doesn’t make any sense to me’

mexicans begin to unite in fight against trump’s plans

mexicans are beginning to debate how to fight back against u.s. president donald trump's aggressive stance on trade and immigration.

a look at the reported top contenders for the supreme court

a look at neil gorsuch, thomas hardiman and william pryor, the federal appeals court judges who are seen as the leading candidates to be president donald trump's nominee for the supreme court. each was appointed to the appellate bench by president george w. bush, appeared on trump's list of 21 possible choices that he made public during the paign and has met with trump to discuss the vacancy that arose when justice antonin scalia died nearly a year ago. trump plans to announce the nominee on thursday.

trump administration backtracks a bit on aca enrollment outreach

the trump administration on friday partly retracted a directive it had issued less than 24 hours earlier to halt all advertising and other outreach activities aimed at encouraging consumers to buy health plans for 2017 during the final days of enrollment under the affordable care act's marketplaces....

border groups scramble for message to counter trump's wall, tax talk

a broad-based alliance of border advocates gathered in tijuana on thursday to call for a public paign to highlight the benefits of bilateral trade and the need for u.s.-mexico collaboration — a striking counterpoint to president donald trump’s plans for a border wall and a proposal to fund it...

ads encouraging americans to sign up for obamacare will not be canceled after al

the donald trump administration has pulled back its plans to kill funding for ads encouraging sign-ups to obamacare. the ads were initially scheduled and paid for through january 31, 2017. it was reported thursday that the new administration would cut the ads, despite the ads being paid for, but pol...

trump's islamophobic 'extreme vetting' could strand hundreds of thousands of u.s

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071307'; click here for reuse options! the president's new executive order is already hurting lives and dividing families. when details leaked earlier this week about a spate of immigration-related executive orders from president donald trump, much public discussion focused on a 30-day ban on new visas for citizens from seven “terror-prone” countries.but the order signed this afternoon by trump is actually more severe, increasing the ban to 90 days. and its effects could extend well beyond preventing newcomers from iran, iraq, libya, somalia, sudan and yemen, from entering the u.s., lawyers consulted by propublica said.it’s also expected to have substantial effects on hundreds of thousands of people from these cou

wanna bet? once gambling-shy nfl plans move to vegas

once upon a time, the thought of gambling on a pro football game brought gasps of indignation from the nfl offices. and swift action if it was a player who actually placed a bet.

chinooks / snow-eating winds of the rockies

a meteorological phenomenon that can bring extreme temperature changes within a short period of time, chinook winds are created when warm, wet winds blow from the northwest coast of north america over the rockies.

over 2,000 people rally against russian cathedral handover

over 2,000 people rallied in st. petersburg on urday to protest plans by the city authorities to give a landmark cathedral to the russian orthodox church amid an increasingly p ionate debate over the relationship between the church and state.

donald trump's executive order means he is now officially gunning for muslims

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071296'; click here for reuse options! first, we bomb you. then we ban you. donald trump is now officially gunning for the muslims. on friday, he signed an executive order titled protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the united states. the order is nothing short of a muslim ban by another name. it is cruel and callous, espouses positions contrary to the professed values of the united states, and will certainly produce more problems than it purports to solve. in other words, it’s exactly like donald trump.i cannot tell you how livid these scant pages of bureaucratic language make me. in them, trump is returning the country to the dark days of excluding m es of people on the basis of our national prejud

fingerprint checks and iris scans are coming to lax — but you have to pay for th

a new york-based company that can confirm a person’s identity using fingerprints and iris scans has announced plans for a major expansion, including the installation of its equipment to screen p engers at los angeles international airport. the biometric screening company, called clear, has its...

‘bury this!’: used menstrual products pelted at texas governor after he signs ‘f

vice president mike pence proclaimed his intentions to fight for the lives of the unborn but texas gov. greg abbott has taken extreme steps to shut down choice by women. after abbott made an order that all women who have abortions and miscarriages must pay to have the remains buried, women launched ...

wanna bet? once gambling-shy nfl plans move to vegas

once upon a time, the thought of gambling on a pro football game brought gasps of indignation from the nfl offices. and swift action if it was a player who actually placed a bet. paul hornung and alex karras each were suspended for the 1963 season for gambling on nfl games. when the league suspended […]

trump: most unlikely anti-abortion president ever

donald trump was once an adamant believer in legal abortion. he may even have been involved in one, or more. maureen dowd, the new york times columnist, asked trump last year if when “he was a swinging bachelor in manhattan, was he ever involved with anyone who had an abortion?” trump’s offered an e...

gambia’s new leader vows overhaul of feared security service

banjul, gambia (ap) — gambia’s new president adama barrow promised an overhaul of the country’s feared security forces urday as he works to rebuild a country that lived under authoritarian rule for more than 22 years. in his first news conference since taking office, barrow told reporters he also plans to rename the national intelligence […]

brain trauma test to be conducted by san diego biotech subsidiary

a subsidiary of san diego’s aethlon medical will soon start a clinical trial of a test for a potentially deadly brain trauma. the trial by exosome sciences of houston is expected to begin in the second quarter, said james joyce, aethlon’s president and ceo. up to 200 former professional football...

trump's wall, and other ways he's harming america

good morning. i'm paul thornton, the times' letters editor, and it is urday, jan. 28, 2016. only one week into the trump presidency, less of california is officially in a drought. coincidence? let's take a look back at the week in opinion. last may, then-candidate donald trump promised to "open...

week 1 of trump: dog years, old fights, new words, weirdness

washington (ap) — it’s been a getting-to-know-you first week for both president donald trump and the nation. trump’s personal traits on display during the paign seemed more pronounced in the august setting of the white house. the new president made haste to turn “the trump effect” into action. old fights took on new oomph. and […]

week in review: trump's first week | state of the state | bulls in disarray

here are recaps of the week's stories (sunday through friday) to catch you up on what's been happening. chicago front and center in trump's first week the city's leaders got a crash course in how donald trump will govern after the president tweeted he would "send in the feds!" to solve chicago...

why is russia so happy with trump?

the russian ruling elite is hoping it would be able to negotiate a new world order with trump.

trump executive order could be used to deport green card holders

president donald trump’s crack down on immigration could result in the deportation of legal immigrants and lawful permanent residents, legal scholars say. trump signed two executive orders on immigration policy wednesday. one set the framework for construction of a wall along the southern bord...

trump aides divided over policy shielding ‘dreamer’ immigrants: sources

divisions have emerged among advisers to president donald trump over whether to rescind a signature policy of his predecessor, president barack obama, that shields young immigrants from deportation, according to congressional sources and republicans close to the white house. even though trump pai...

here’s everything you need to know about trump's first week in office

president trump’s first week in office was a busy one. he signed more than a dozen presidential actions, d d the oval office in gold and dominated headlines. let’s break it down: inauguration day, jan. 20 and so it begins. trump's speech was dark, like “this american carnage stops right here”...

philly mayor slams trump’s lie about rising crime rates: ‘an insult to the phila

the mayor of philadelphia has a message for president donald trump, who insists that the city’s murder rate has increased. trump has made a number of false claims since announcing his bid for president in 2015, and the lies are significantly worse now that he is in office — specifically becaus...