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twitter releases national security letters

 over the last eight months, tech companies have slowly been revealing that they’ve received national security letters from the federal bureau of investigation that force the firms to secretly disclose user data to the government. today, twitter joined the ranks of yahoo, cloudflare and google by announcing it had received two national security letters, one in 2015 and one in 2016. the… read more

rogue national park service twitter account says it’s no longer run by governmen

 the rogue government twitter account, altusnatparkservice, which claimed it was being run by current park rangers, says it has now handed off control of its twitter account to “several activists and journalists who believe they can continue in the same spirit.” the move has led some to question if the account was, in fact, ever operated by disgruntled government employees in the… read more

trump orders strict new refugee screening, citing terrorists

setting a hard-line tone on national security, president donald trump on friday suspended the nation's refugee program for four months, aiming to keep "radical islamic terrorists" out of the united states.

fbi releases decl ified #gamergate dossier

the fbi has released a heavily redacted 173-page pdf of gamergate documents under foia. much of the material has any identifying information stripped out, but it's clear that many of them are explicit threats and other har ment. (more…)

top u.s. luxury els

tripadvisor releases its 2017 travelers' choice awards for top luxury els in u.s., led by san diego's fairmont grand del mar.

f5 networks debuts herculon security product portfolio

f5 networks enhances its application security capabilities with new ddos protection and expanded web application firewall services.

7 security startups that raised venture capital in january

the new year has started off with a flurry of fund raising activity in the security space as startups seek to fuel growth with new capital.

google highlights security measures built into open source hypervisor

main security measures that google implements are efforts to reduce attack surface, enforce code integrity and constant testing to find software vulnerabilities.

this week in weird twitter, volume 85

the welsh corgi’s origin story is much more complex, and ancient, than you may realize. like most things, it all started in the cretaceous period.

the best antivirus software of 2017: our top picks

the security market is packed with programs making big claims, but which can you really trust?

best business antivirus of 2017: our top paid security tools for smbs

if you have a few or more employees, using free antivirus software simply isn't going to cut it.

how president trump can go big league in giving government back to the people

instead of increasing taxes on the middle cl or increasing our national debt, the trump administration could grow the economy by growing the tax base.

meet melania trump’s first white house hire: new york event planner stephanie wi

in 2014, wolkoff donated $10,000 to the democratic national committee. she told the new york times earlier this month that she didn't remember making the donation

filmmakers who walked on grand prismatic in yellowstone get jail time and fines

last year, four canadian filmmakers were arrested after p os and a video were published showing them walking on off-limits geothermal features in yellowstone national park. while one of the four individuals was slapped with an $8,000 fine and unsupervised probation back in november, as well as a 5-year ban from u.s. national parks, the other three faced trials, and have now been sentenced following guilty pleas entered last thursday. of the three individuals, justis cooper price brown pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct by creating a hazardous condition and foot traffic in a thermal area, and was fined $3,500 and issued community service, according to the billings gazette. brown’s two companions, alexey andriyovych lyakh and charles ryker gamble, both pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct

jimmy kimmel rocks sesame street with new letter…or number!

late night host jimmy kimmel grew up learning his letters, numbers, and a smattering of spanish from the folks down on sesame street, so he decided to drop in and give them a gift. the post jimmy kimmel rocks sesame street with new letter…or number! appeared first on holy kaw!.

judicial watch’s tom fitton explains why trump may be right about illegal immigr

on tuesday’s breitbart news daily, siriusxm host alex marlow asked judicial watch president tom fitton about a study from the center for immigration studies that revealed that “there could be as many as 43 million non-citizens in the united states right now.” fitton had previously spotlighted this study on twitter as evidence of potential voter fraud issues. […]

podcast 543: what’s up with whatsapp

after last week's focus on security, this week glenn and susie...focus on security. specifically, we discuss the smack of controversy around whatsapp, and how to make it more secure. elsewhere, apple's fixing bugs in macos, losing employees to tesla, possibly building a manufacturing plant in the united states, and getting us excited with rumors about depth sensors in an upcoming iphone. show notes macos sierra 10.12.3 update fixes the safari bug that affected macbook pro battery life by roman loyolato read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

chicago's top cop on waiting list for kidney transplant

police superintendent eddie johnson, under intense pressure as chicago faces national criticism over its seemingly runaway violence, disclosed friday he is on a waiting list for a kidney transplant after nearly fainting at a morning news conference.johnson, 56, appeared refreshed at an evening...

pence helps bring new energy to anti-abortion rally in dc

washington (ap) — after more than four decades, the march for life has become a familiar ritual in washington. no matter the weather, thousands of abortion opponents gather every year on the national mall, many wearing matching hats or scarves from their school or church groups, and listen to speeches from social conservatives in congress […]

after trump criticism on chicago violence, emanuel touts police smarts

two days after president donald trump told a national television audience that mayor rahm emanuel needed to "smarten up and toughen up" on fighting gun violence, the mayor held a carefully orchestrated news conference to discuss chicago's "smart-policing strategy." as emanuel summoned a swarm of...

comment on the ‘dos and don’ts’ when going through a divorce by ken patrick

exactly a divorce can be draining—both emotionally and financially—especially later in life. during a divorce you’ll be faced with many decisions that may affect your financial security. you may feel comfortable dealing with some of these issues on your own, but with many of them, it’s crucial that you find good financial advice from a <a href="http://www.divorceyes.com/miami-divorce.html" rel="nofollow">qualified professional</a>.

corey seager still hopeful dodgers can re-sign chase utley

corey seager had a locker next to chase utley for the duration of the 2016 season. as he raced toward the national league rookie-of-the-year award, seager leaned on utley, a 14-year veteran, for advice. utley helped seager develop a daily routine, and teamed with him in the middle of the dodgers...

chicago police chief recovering after appearing to nearly faint

chicago’s chief of police, eddie johnson, was recovering on friday afternoon after he appeared nearly to faint at a news conference, according to a spokesman for the chicago police department. chicago police department spokesman anthony guglielmi said on twitter that johnson, 56, has “a ...

ers launch major attack against paypal users

ers have launched a major attack against paypal users that’s meant to trick the company’s customers into providing information that could end up costing them money and their identity. the internet security company eset says that ers have designed fairly slick malicious email that ask paypal users...

finding a connection to your future

a man of many successes and struggles, alexander graham bell is the perfect example of a man who knows the importance of connecting to the future. he invented the metal detector and helped relaunch the national geog hic magazine. he gave his wife mabel, who was deaf, 1497 shares of his 1507 total shares in the […] the post finding a connection to your future appeared first on dumb little man.

benjamin hernandez to be deported for the sixth time, let’s copy mexico, they de

while many mexican politicians including president enrique peña nieto decry gop president trump’s proposal for a border wall, mexico reportedly deports nine in 10 central american illegal migrants south of its own border. univision reports that mexico strictly enforces its own immigration laws through strong border security which has led to the deportation of 87 percent, 92 percent, […]

bernie sanders attacks mike mulvaney over defunding planned parenthood

vermont senator bernie sanders grilled rep. mick mulvaney (r-s.c.), the white house budget chief nominee, on tuesday over his 2015 crusade to defund planned parenthood and his stance that social security is “a ponzi scheme,.” sanders referenced a july 2015 letter in which the congressman wrote to house republicans “vehemently urging” them to “use every available tool” to defund planned […]

donald trump's executive order means he is now officially gunning for muslims

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071296'; click here for reuse options! first, we bomb you. then we ban you. donald trump is now officially gunning for the muslims. on friday, he signed an executive order titled protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the united states. the order is nothing short of a muslim ban by another name. it is cruel and callous, espouses positions contrary to the professed values of the united states, and will certainly produce more problems than it purports to solve. in other words, it’s exactly like donald trump.i cannot tell you how livid these scant pages of bureaucratic language make me. in them, trump is returning the country to the dark days of excluding m es of people on the basis of our national prejud

shealah craighead named trump's official p og her

  hanging out with these guys during an event i had the pleasure of p og hing. thanks anna roger's for capturing the laughter! you're hired! shamless promo i know...just couldn't contain my excitement of getting in a p o with both the former president @georgewbush and possible future president @marcorubiofla #shamlessselfpromotion #president #gwb #pastmeetspresent=future! a p o posted by shealah craighead p og hy (@shealahdcp o) on oct 17, 2016 at 3:14pm pdt news outlets are reporting that pete souza's shoes have officially been filled: shealah craighead has been named the official white house p og her under president trump. craighead has previously worked with a number of political figures – she was first lady laura bush's personal p og her and in 2008 followed governor sarah pa

inside trump's bogus investigation of voter fraud lies the gop's long crusade to

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071281'; click here for reuse options! voter-suppression zealot hans von spakovsky is among the key voices urging trump to go after mythical voter fraud. rumor has it that even though he seemed to be reacting in response to questions from the press this week, donald trump has wanted to launch his “voter fraud” investigation ever since he realized he lost the popular vote by a huge margin — and people inside the administration were desperately trying to talk him out of it. i have no way of knowing whether this is true, but trump has made it clear since the election that he believes there was m ive fraud in november:in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the milli

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developer welfare: trump’s infrastructure plan

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071060'; click here for reuse options! he’s going to create a huge trillion-dollar market for wall street’s high finance. while protestors and police were clashing on the inaugural parade route in washington, d.c., the newly sworn-in president of the united states was lunching with the establishment in washington—some of the very people he called out in his inaugural address.transcript:sharmini peries: it’s the real news network. i’m sharmini peries, coming to you from baltimore.donald trump: we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people.crowd: (applause)donald trump: for too long a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have born

in kentucky, trump order ‘devastating’ to local refugees

kentucky last year took in more than double the national average of refugees per 100,000 residents.       

man sports swastika on university of florida pus, is promptly jumped, beaten up

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071270'; click here for reuse options! richard spencer wasn't the only white supremacist to be roughed up this week. students protested against a man wearing a swastika at the university of florida on thursday, the day before international holocaust remembrance day. later that afternoon, in the city of gainesville, the man was jumped, roughed up and robbed of his clothes.the man, who was identified as michael dewitz, was first spotted on the university pus earlier that morning wearing a swastika armband. students held a protest for several hours, chanting anti-nazi slogans at turlington plaza, the school's designated free speech zone, where dewitz was making his presence known.the fine print, a local independent ma

you can install ransomware on a samsung galaxy by sending it an sms

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=hl3ga8imo-w researchers from context security have identified a vulnerability in samsung galaxy phones: by embedding commands in the obsolete, 17-year-old wap proptocol in an sms message, attackers can put them into endless reboot loops, or encrypt their storage and charge the phone's owners for a decryption key. (more…)