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daca dithering shows trump's mind only has room for trump

attempting to divine president donald trump's decision-making process is like trying to untangle yarn with one sticky finger. many try, all fail, and the reason, i believe, is it's near impossible for any human to fully fathom trump's absolute self-absorption. his mind seems to function solely...

poll: what words come to mind when voters think of trump?

poll asks respondents what was the first word that came to mind when thinking of president donald trump

will: donald trump, the ‘oh, never mind’ president

whether it's health care, china or nato, donald trump's leadership amounts to an 'oh, never mind' presidency

understanding the roots of homophobia around the world

understanding the roots of homophobia around the world this article originally appeared on the conversation. with president trump’s removal of federal protections for transgender students, debate over lgbtq rights rage again across the u.s. despite these disagreements, americans are relatively liber...

charles blow: trump is building an army to start a second civil war

what will happen if the establishment republicans using trump to achieve their own plutocratic agenda decide they no longer need him? who will he rely on and how will he ensure they remain by his side? charles blow fears trump will turn to his most reactionary supporters, if he hasn’t already....

new poll reveals the first word that comes to mind when americans think of trump

“what is the first word that comes to mind when you think of donald trump?” that’s the open-ended question a quinnipiac poll asked americans recently. the no. 1 answer: “idiot.” have you seen anything since then that would move the needle away from “idiot”? or from “ignorant” (the ninth most frequen...

president trump: separation of church and state

i don’t mind president donald trump building a wall between the u.s. and mexico, but i do mind him tearing down the wall between church and state. marjorie rhodes, seattle

west coast states form a wall against trump’s reactionary agenda

i went to an inaugural ball a few weeks ago — the one in washington state, not the one in washington, d.c. — and got a good sense of the official resistance that is rising on the west coast against the policies of the new trump administration. jay inslee celebrated the advent of his second term...

ben carson says poverty is 'a state of mind' during radio interview

in an interview released wednesday, housing secretary ben carson said that a "certain mind-set" contributes to people living in poverty, pointing to habits and a "state of mind" children take from their parents at a young age. "i think poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind. you take...

anthony joshua taking a champion's approach to wladimir klitschko's mind tricks

anthony joshua grinned through the pats on the back wladimir klitschko gave him during the promotion for their saturday fight, but the youngster also has shown a keen understanding of the gamesmanship behind the veteran’s treatment. “it’s just how you interpret it. i take it for what it is, don’t...

olbermann apologizes to uk: ‘trump is not of sound mind, we are working to corre

in the latest segment of gq’s “the resistance,” host keith olbermann apologized to the united kingdom for president donald trump’s divisive reactions to the recent london terrorist attacks. “donald trump is not of sound mind,” olbermann began. “we are workin...

trump supporters respond to pictures of black faces with anger and defensiveness

a new study shows that people who support president donald trump are angered and shift their thinking to more reactionary politics when confronted with a photo of a black man, reported vox.com on friday. researchers matthew luttig, christopher federico and howard lavine carried out a study about rac...

megamasers in galactic cores give clearer understanding of the expanding univers

by studying the emissions from the centers of certain galaxies, scientists can achieve a more precise understanding of how fast the universe is expanding.

senator mocks trump team’s jedi mind tricks on russia: ‘these aren’t the droids

sen. angus king (i-me) mocked the denials of russian contacts offered by president donald trump and his campaign officials as jedi mind games from the “star wars” films. “the denials remind me of obi-wan kenobi in the first ‘star wars,’” king said friday during an appearance ...

expedia ceo says trump visa order shows ‘the worst of his proclivity toward rash

expedia ceo dara khosrowshahi sharply criticized president trump’s immigration executive order in an email to employees sunday, saying it portrays the united states as “inward-looking versus forward thinking, reactionary versus visionary.”

nbc about 'this is us' change: never mind

nbc now says "never mind" to its bold scheduling move of shifting the hit drama "this is us" to thursdays next season.

who does the fbi work for?

there’s no reason to beat around the bush here: what the fbi is claiming is mind-boggling when they claim the shooter had no target in mind.

newt gingrich compares donald trump to lincoln

has any man ever admired another man as much as newt gingrich admires president trump? after reading gingrich’s new book, understanding trump, i can answer firmly in the negative. think i’m exaggerating? he compares trump to abraham lincoln, since “both had survived some of the most divisive campaig...

busted: ‘the view’ explains why it’s impossible for trump to be under irs audit

the women of “the view” used tax day as an opportunity to dive into their skepticism over president donald trump’s excuse for not releasing his taxes. co-host sara haines noted that trump repeatedly has said the issue was over because he was elected. “my understanding was he ...

game of thrones’ kit harington had ‘con artist’ trump on his mind during finale

kit harington, the english actor who plays jon snow on hbo’s game of thrones, had president donald trump on his mind while delivering a speech about the virtue of honesty during the season finale. “that speech that jon snow gave about the nature of lies and what’s been said, and what hap...

bizarre 3-year-long supernova defies our understanding of how stars die

the appearance of a three-year-long supernova explosion challenges scientist's current understanding of star formation and death, and work is underway to explain the bizarre phenomenon.

expanding the repertoire and the audience for ukulele

“it’s that mental focus and the balance between their physical body and the mind. also the spirit. all those things coming together to express something. michael jordan has such control over his mind and body that he’s able to do whatever he needs to do, when he’s on the court. it’s the same thing when you have your instrument — your mind and your body need to be connected in that same way, need to work together to create the , to create the emotion, to express whatever it is that you’re trying to express.”

i don’t mind using preferred pronouns. i mind being forced into it

there is no place for commanding specific language—thoughts, even—in a free and open society.

moroccan fossils shake up understanding of human origins

the understanding of human origins was turned on its head on wednesday with the announcement of the discovery of fossils unearthed on a moroccan hillside that are about 100,000 years older than any other known remains of our species, homo sapiens. scientists determined that skulls, limb bones and te...

talking trump: one last stab at understanding the rationale of 45’s supporters

one vibe writer meets with republicans and trump supporters in an attempt to understand the rationale of 45's base one year after the 2016 election results.

when it comes to affordable college education, conservative tennessee has so-cal

california’s democratic politicians and activists talk big about being so-called progressives. but on one thing, they’re downright reactionary when compared with hard-right tennessee.tennesseans voted in landslide numbers — roughly 61% of them — for president trump. they’re also about to provide...

democratic chairman: trump ‘most dangerous’ president ever

las vegas (ap) — navigating ongoing rifts on the political left, democratic party chairman tom perez said party unity is crucial in the fight against president donald trump, whom he lambasted as an “existential threat” to the nation. “we have the most dangerous president in american history and one of the most reactionary congresses in […]

trump ran for president because he said it would be ‘a lot more fun’ than buying

according to an excerpt from newt gingrich’s new book, “understanding trump,” the former house speaker reveals that donald trump told him 2015 that he thought running for leader of the free world would be more fun than buying a yacht. in an excerpt published by abc news, gingrich claims trump ...

trump's silence on a documented rise in episodes of anti-semitism is 'mind-boggl

could trump find a way to deport the dreamers he's promised to help? feb. 16, 2017, 3:27 p.m. a look at president trump's administration and the rest of washington: the white house has explored ways to end daca protections while shielding trump from blowback president says the new version of his...

psychological need to be right underlies trump’s refusal to concede error

state of (trump’s) mind examines the psychology behind statements and actions by the president. it has been 24 days since president trump tweeted the incendiary assertion that president obama “was tapping my phones” before election day. although neither trump nor his aides has prov...

how not to go bonkers over donald trump

so, here we are in week two of the donald trump presidency. and i don't know about you, but i'm kind of exhausted. my brain feels slightly bedraggled, and i think i am plum out of sighs. not because of president trump, mind you, but because a significant chunk of america seems to have made a hobby...

here are fives times donald trump badly bungled basic american history

president donald trump betrays a superficial understanding of many of the topics on which he’s asked to comment, but few topics conjure up more incoherent and vacuous statements by him than history. trump has expressed admiration for andrew jackson, but he doesn’t seem to know much about...

republicans think denying millions of people insurance will help them keep their

to the editor: once again i’m discovering that my understanding of the way the world works under the current administration is upside down. (“after a day of trying to close the deal, trump remains short on healthcare votes,” march 21) president trump is warning republicans that they will lose their...

kawakami: steve kerr’s ‘hell yeah’ game 2 remains fresh in mind

plus, playoff plus-minus totals — including curry's mind-bending +256 — and notes on the warriors' future payroll.

some of steve bannon’s biggest intellectual influences are fascists and white su

his fondness for a french reactionary has made headlines, but he has cited worse. ...