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vegan chocolate frosting

when i’m baking, i love having a few reliable back-pocket recipes that don’t take a lot of fuss (no candy thermometers, please!) and that have an equally fuss-free ingredient list. but a thick and fudgy chocolate frosting that spreads easily and is dairy-free? this has proven to be an elusive thing. however, i was determined to find a good chocolate frosting recipe to go with my gluten-free chocolate banana cupcakes, so i got to work! and i must confess that i’m mighty pleased with the results. continue reading "vegan chocolate frosting" »

chocolate sour cream cake with chocolate frosting

everyone needs a go-to recipe for chocolate cake. maybe you volunteered to bring dessert for a dinner with friends, or you’ve got weekend guests, or there’s a birthday to celebrate. this isn’t one of those dense death-by-chocolate cakes, but more like a richer version of devil’s food cake. cover it with a thick layer of chocolate frosting and serve it right out of the pan. continue reading "chocolate sour cream cake with chocolate frosting" »

german chocolate sheet cake with coconut-pecan frosting

let’s be honest. the thing that unites those of us who love german chocolate cake is our deep appreciation for the coconut pecan frosting. essentially, this frosting is a thick, butterscotch custard with tons of shredded coconut and pecans folded in. it’s what that makes this cake so delicious and unique. continue reading "german chocolate sheet cake with coconut-pecan frosting" »

vegan chocolate-peanut butter pudding cups

this quick, easy chocolate pudding can be thrown together in less than 10 minutes, and it’s so rich and creamy you’d never guess it was dairy-free! the secret is using avocados. you won’t really taste the avocado in the finished pudding, but it helps give it a thick and creamy consistency. continue reading "vegan chocolate-peanut butter pudding cups" »

gluten-free chocolate banana cupcakes

growing up, my mom always made her famous chocolate potato cake for each of our birthdays. i know, i know: it sounds very odd, but the truth is you never actually tasted the potato and it really just ensured that the batter was super moist, which i probably never appreciated as a kid but certainly do now. these days when birthdays arise in our household, i’ve found my own tricks to achieve a really moist, super chocolatey cake and cupcakes. this recipe uses one of our son’s favorite foods: bananas. continue reading "gluten-free chocolate banana cupcakes" »

tours for chocolate lovers not just about sampling sweets

new york — a tour for chocolate lovers in brooklyn, new york, isn’t just about tasting the final product. it also gives a peek at factories, neighborhoods and even business plans. the chocolate tour offered by a slice of brooklyn visits four chocolate-makers around brooklyn, offering a look at the chocolate-making process while visiting different […]

7 ways to revel in the bay area’s extravagant chocolate scene

here are seven sensational ways to explore the bay area's chocolate scene, from the wildly decadent hot chocolate at san francisco’s dandelion to new tours at tcho chocolate and a saratoga chocolaterie with michelin cred.

5 crazy good chocolate dessert recipes

celebrating world chocolate day? here are five ridiculously good chocolate dessert recipes, from a guittard cake to a frangelico mousse and, of course, killer chocolate chip cookies.

mcdonald’s rolls out new chocolate shamrock shake

san francisco (ap) — participating mcdonald’s restaurants are rolling out five different variations of the shamrock shake next week. their mccafé menu will feature the original shamrock shake, a chocolate shamrock shake, a shamrock chocolate chip f pé, a shamrock chocolate and a shamrock mocha. the new chocolate shamrock shake is just as it sounds: […]

'charlie and the chocolate factory' has barely a drop of that magic chocolate

malted milk balls, chocolate bars, sweet jars and other candied treats of all delights are stacked high in the lunt-fontanne theatre. you'd expect that — right? — at a musical called "charlie and the chocolate factory," a show based on the most famous and beloved of all the roald dahl grotesque...

shamrock shake season is near — and this time it's bringing chocolate

mcdonald's venerable shamrock shake has spawned a new product line, including the chocolate shamrock shake, shamrock chocolate chip f pe and shamrock chocolate.

make a bowl of chocolate soup for valentine's day

chocolate lovers do not, of course, need designated holidays to celebrate the heady stuff. we eat it for breakfast, put it on toast, give it to our children, hoard it for emergencies — political, natural, emotional — and use it as currency of one kind or another. giving your beloved some chocolate,...

heat-resistant chocolate / defying the laws of confectionary

milk chocolate melts in your hand, your pocket, or a hot glove compartment. wouldn't it be great if it didn't? keeping chocolate from melting when you don't want it to, while maintaining proper texture and taste, is a challenge of food science.

double chocolate cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes were one of the first recipes i became obsessed with perfecting. to me, the ideal chocolate cupcake is moist with a deep chocolate flavor. the recipe also should produce exactly one dozen cupcakes in a standard muffin tin, no more and no less. continue reading "double chocolate cupcakes" »

double chocolate cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes were one of the first recipes i became obsessed with perfecting. to me, the ideal chocolate cupcake is moist with a deep chocolate flavor. the recipe also should produce exactly one dozen cupcakes in a standard muffin tin, no more and no less. continue reading "double chocolate cupcakes" »

mint chocolate cream pie

ever since i can remember, chocolate cream pie has almost always been a part of my family’s holiday dessert spread. it was one of my grandpa’s favorites and my brother always requests it. my grandma was the pie-maker in our family and her classic chocolate cream pie made with homemade pudding was the inspiration for this minty version. continue reading "mint chocolate cream pie" »

chocolate gets first addition to color palette in 80 years

barry callebaut ag, the world's largest cocoa processor, has come up with the first new natural color for chocolate since nestle started making bars of white chocolate more than 80 years ago.

a vegan or vegetarian diet might help you lose a few pounds

for those hoping to shed some wintertime weight gain, research suggests that going vegetarian -- or even vegan -- can help.

the history of chocolate — in 208 mouthwatering pages

trust the chief agricultural officer of a chocolate company to write a mouthwatering history of chocolate -- with recipes.

adega’s chocolate salami (salame de chocolate) recipe

adega chef jessica carreira makes these european-style salame de chocolate for the holidays, adding dried figs and walnuts or pine nuts for texture and flavor.

a vegan bakery (croissants!) and restaurant is landing in st. paul

along with baked goods, eureka compass vegan food will serve lunch and multi-course, fixed-priced dinners. a preview pop-up is set for memorial day weekend.

10 los angeles-area chocolate shops for valentine's day

the aztecs believed the cacao beans used to make chocolate were a gift from their gods, and they’d bestow this sacred gift upon royalty and warriors, thus instituting the practice of giving chocolate to those very special. casanova called it the “elixir of love” and drank it instead of champagne....

mast brothers chocolate factory and store closes in the downtown arts district

from a chocolate factory move to egg tarts in glendale, here’s what’s happening in the los angeles food and drink world. the chocolate factory: rick and michael mast, the brothers behind the mast brothers chocolate company, closed their arts district factory and retail store in early march. the...

evanston restaurateur shares gender transition details on nbc's 'first dates'

evanston vegan chef brandon byxbe said he came across a casting call two years ago for a new nbc dating show executive produced by ellen degeneres for vegan singles. byxbe, of michigan, said he's found it challenging dating people in chicago because he's not into the bar scene, so he filled out...

russell simmons, mya and waka flocka discuss what encouraged them to become vega

the three advocates for living a vegan lifestyle. the music industry heavyweights hosted a "vegan roundtable" in partnership with peta.

chocolate covered strawberries

a classic little treat perfect for a date or as a gift, chocolate covered strawberries are a defined part of romance in america. but don’t stop with simple dipping, dress them up to the nines with white and dark chocolate tuxedos! could they be more cute? super easy to make too! continue reading "chocolate covered strawberries" »

bravo actress pens letter to colorado bagel company pleading for vegan shmear

a letter was sent on peta's behalf to the ceo and president of einstein bros. bagels to make a case for vegan cream cheese options.

10 great vegan protein sources to grow at home

going vegan doesn't have to mean spending a small fortune if you have a patch of ground and a somewhat green thumb. the post 10 great vegan protein sources to grow at home appeared first on holy kaw!.

boulder’s good day chocolate offers the sweetest supplements

boulder physician andrew goldman and his business partner simeon margolis want you to eat chocolate. specifically, good day chocolate, which include good-for-you supplements.

i scream for vegan ice cream? a new seattle spot’s getting raves

put your prejudices aside and get ready to try the dairy-free, vegan ice cream that just might be your new favorite at frankie & jo’s.

people are snorting chocolate — but not to get high

why some people are snorting chocolate in an attempt to get legally high, some people have resorted to snorting the unexpected: chocolate powder. a version of the product, called coco loko, provides a drug-free way to get a rush of energy and to feel calm and focused, according to the website of the...

guittard recipe: molten chocolate cookies

san francisco's guittard chocolate company has been doing the cacao thing for 150 years, so chances are high that this recipe for molten chocolate cookies will blow your mind.

a british chef said she “spiked” a vegan’s meal. then she lost her job.

the vegan entree is usually just boring grilled vegetables. then there's the fear that, inadvertently or purposefully, a chef will slip some animal products into their meal: that the cheese is not actually nondairy, or the "vegetable broth" actually has chicken stock in it.

snowman chocolate icebox cake

this chocolate icebox cake was a standby at my grandmother’s house. she made hers in a loaf pan, turned it out, and covered it in icing. then she served it sliced paper-thin, on the diagonal, which showed off all the delicious layers. it is no surprise that later in life, with a family of my own, i started making this same cake as a holiday treat. continue reading "snowman chocolate icebox cake" »

photos: a peek at arvada’s annual chocolate-tasting event, “a chocolate affair”

arvada residents got a jump on valentine's day during the city's annual chocolate-tasting event.