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watch jon taffer s unforgettable talk about eviscerating excuses and busting business myths - Search

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watch jon taffer's unforgettable talk about eviscerating excuses and busting bus

the bar rescue star shared his insights on what it takes to make any business successful.

busting myths about divorce litigation

many people claim to know what to expect when ending a marriage. there are a number of popular myths that mislead people about the common outcome of cases and what rights they are/are not entitled to. a lot of people may have seen their parents or another relative go through a separation and think they […]

toxic relationship thriller “unforgettable” is uninspired

would anyone who works for an online business really not have a facebook account? the toxic relationship thriller "unforgettable" hopes viewers won't remember its pesky plot holes, but despite a mostly uninspired cast this predictable film eventually builds a campy momentum.

enough excuses. release your taxes, mr. president

tuesday is tax day, and millions of americans are expected to file their 1040s as part of the complicated business of paying for government. now is the time for president trump to stop making excuses and release his own tax records to the public, as he should have done many months ago. his current...

nfl streaming service says it has no excuses for poor debut

toronto (ap) — a streaming service that offers all national football league games in canada says it resolved many of its issues following a woeful debut. dazn said in a statement thursday there are “no excuses” and said the debut did not go as planned. canadians wanting to watch any nfl game they want must […]

record-busting rainfall headed our way tonight

california is expected it's all-time ''water year'' record of 1982-83 to be broken in the next 48 hours by its drought-busting rainfall season.

french montana unveils the making of “unforgettable” in new documentary

french montana discusses the creative process behind his stellar "unforgettable" song.

ken griffin favors busting up biggest banks. it's worth a conversation

besides being superwealthy, what else do president donald trump and locally based hedge fund impresario ken griffin have in common? the answer is that each of these free market enthusiasts wants the u.s. government to explore busting up the country's largest banking groups, also known in some circles...

6 common myths of vpn debunked

we debunk a number of enduring myths so you can better understand the benefits and limitations of vpn technology.

brent burns cherishes meeting bobby orr: “he was so great with us”

burns had an unforgettable day as and his family got a chance to talk with bobby orr for about a half hour after sunday's game

katherine heigl unleashes the villain she was born to play in erotic thriller 'u

every once in a while, you need a good, juicy, erotic thriller. in the ’90s, they were plentiful, but now they're rare (forget the dopey “50 shades” movies), which makes savoring the outlandishly entertaining “unforgettable” worthwhile. it's a female-driven melodrama — a “women's picture” as they...

ted: time to rise above our origin myths

origin myths aren't limited to what entity created the world. enormous conflicts around the world are fueled by origin myths of identity, stereotypes of particular religions and ethnicities, which blind us to the humanity of those around us. the post ted: time to rise above our origin myths appeared first on holy kaw!.

celebrity photos: ‘unforgettable’ rosario dawson, katherine heigl

rosario dawson, katherine heigl and "charlie's angel" cheryl ladd provide an "unforgettable" red-carpet experience in hollywood.

outside voice: the garden is filled with nothing but good excuses

my yard is nothing but good excuses. an excuse to be outdoors, to experiment with oddball cultivation techniques, to practice being handy with hoses and valves, to reconnect with friends and neighbors.

looking for a blissful summer novel? here it is: “standard deviation”

audra daltry is like that old reader's digest feature, "my most unforgettable character." she's the person other people talk about. she swallows the room. she also rules "standard deviation," katherine heiny's charming debut novel.

live video chat: busting the marijuana business? wednesday at 1 p.m.

view our discussion on how the trump administration may change the landscape for states who have passed laws approving the recreational use of marijuana.

cartoons: hillary clinton’s excuses

this cartoon slideshow illustrates hillary clinton making excuses for losing the presidential election to donald trump.

watch live: donald trump holds town hall meeting with business leaders at the wh

president donald trump plans to hold a town hall meeting with about 50 business leaders on tuesday at the white house to talk about ways of improving the business climate, his administration said on monday. the meeting, which will include the chief executives of citigroup inc, blackstone group lp, j...

cadillac’s partnership with the american black film festival created an unforget

cadillac grills x american black film festival made for an unforgettable collaboration.

watch: klay thompson cleanly rejects damian lillard, then drains 3

the warriors star stops the blazers star before busting out a transition 3-pointer late in the third quarter of wednesday's game 3 of the first round playoff series.

tom ford, jason derulo, isla fisher, chris martin and others gather for an unfor

as if a finale by jason derulo, comedian tig notaro as host and presenters as luminous as husband-and-wife tom hanks and rita wilson, isla fisher and elizabeth hurley didn’t provide enough star power to make the charity event, an unforgettable evening, live up to its name, another celebrity name...

joe maddon needs to sleep on his cubs excuses

the snarko de mayo celebration continues: manager joe maddon said one of the reasons for the cubs’ problems this season has been “sleep deprivation,’’ and i’m thinking, yeah, it’s such a virulent thing that it causes people to make silly excuses. the choice (and remember, death is not an option):...

watch: piedmont hills, independence stage unforgettable basketball finish

piedmont hills' goose persin hits a 3-pointer at buzzer to spoil independence's late comeback.

march 9 letters: trump working to destroy obama legacy

eviscerating barack obama's contributions to this country won't help make america great

'watch me' rapper silento stuck in uae over business dispute

the american rapper known for his hit song "watch me (whip/nae nae)" has been stopped from leaving the united arab emirates over a business dispute.

california snowpack at drought-busting 173 percent of average in sierra nevada,

phillips station, calif. (ap) — california snowpack at drought-busting 173 percent of average in sierra nevada, most since 1995.

headline trauma: making excuses for microsoft

anytime microsoft has a bad quarter it’s a great time to practice your creative writing skills.writing for the very nice people and day trading aficionados and charming contrarians and alien face-huggers at business insider, matt weinberger has an interesting perspective on microsoft’s quarterly results that may cause spit-takes so, please, swallow your beverage.“microsoft's surface hardware business shrunk by $285 million…”wait. for. it.“…and it's weirdly a good thing for microsoft.” (tip o’ the antlers to @realworldrj.)to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

is this jimmy kimmel’s defining moment?

did anyone really expect this? wasn't stephen colbert eviscerating president donald trump or samantha bee destroying him -- with jokes, of course -- supposed to make some kind of difference in 2017?

lg watch sport and watch style review

let’s talk about one of the first smartwatches that bring android wear 2.0 to the masses. this is a review of the lg watch sport and the lg watch style.

‘unforgettable’ review – a sexy pulp thriller that delivers the goods

julia (rosario dawson) is having a tough time re-adjusting to her new life. she’s moved away from her friends, put a dark relationship behind her, and started anew with perfect husband david (geoff stults). there’s just one problem: david’s ex-wife tessa (katherine heigl). she’s not ready to let go of david and their life together, […] the post ‘unforgettable’ review – a sexy pulp thriller that delivers the goods appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

watch: pope francis calls for ‘revolution of tenderness’ in ted talk

pope francis called for a “revolution of tenderness” and asked world leaders to be humble in exercising their power in a ted talk broadcast at the organization’s conference in vancouver on tuesday. the 80-year-old francis delivered the 18-minute talk —which was pre-recorded in vatican city and aired...

st. pat’s day a reminder of enduring myths that demonize immigrants

the holiday this year revealed loads of examples of people trying to push beyond myths and elevate truth. sorting out truth is paramount in the trump era. we need to be willing to flat-out call a lie a lie.

health myths: 10 crucial mistakes people make in getting healthy

everyone is trying to live healthy these days. pinterest is flooded with healthy grocery shopping lists and exercise infog hics. and let’s not forget those motivational pics of beautiful men and women. they seem happy and complete because they are living healthy. and, we all want to be like them. we get the impression that everyone is […] the post health myths: 10 crucial mistakes people make in getting healthy appeared first on dumb little man.

newest trump business partner voted for obama

dinesh chawla and his brother suresh, of chawla hotels, talk about how their family got into business with the trumps

man who punched 12-year-old’s teeth out and called him the ‘n-word’ claims self-

a mother in charlotte county said her 12-year-old son got punched in the face by a man on wednesday, knocking out his front teeth and busting his lip. related: a neighbor who didn’t hesitate to shoot and kill a would-be drowner of twin babies has officially been ruled justified watch the video now s...