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which marketing strategy is right for your business?

marketing is a tricky profession. it takes hard work and a wiliness to be flexible and open to different marketing strategies for a business to succeed. you have choices when it comes to launching your marketing campaigns and connecting with your customers. it’s rare you’d use only one tactic throughout your marketing career. review the […]

how businesses can market over multiple electronic devices

any business that doesn’t have a focused online marketing strategy is missing out on a huge amount of business. this is because an online marketing strategy doesn’t just mean online sales, but it means engaging with your customers and advertising your brand to a wider audience. your company may have some degree of online presence, […]

5 email marketing terms you need to know

starting a new marketing campaign can be a little daunting, especially if there is a lot of technical jargon that makes the process even more complicated. to help you get off to the best possible start, we’re looking at the email marketing terms you need to know. marketing automation marketing automation is the use of […]

sports briefly: indianapolis quarterback andrew luck says he doesn't know when h

indianapolis quarterback andrew luck showed up for work monday but didn’t do much work. he doesn’t know when he’ll do the work that matters most again.

every direct door mail service for a better marketing

sending mail is ultimately easy and cheap. usually sending mail to your customers will make your work easier and also feels you to free from the struggles or hurdles in it. it will make you to reach your professional clients to send the entire marketing materials to your business. it provides the effective solution to […]

increase sales leads with these best marketing strategies

you’ve got big dreams for your business. unfortunately, your budget is in the opposite direction. and if you think you’re alone in this dilemma- you’re not. the majority of small companies are chartering the same waters. however, this doesn’t mean that there’s no way out. it just means you need to be smart if you […] the post increase sales leads with these best marketing strategies appeared first on dumb little man.

travel leaders say trump's budget would kill program that promotes trips to the

donald trump the businessman was a big fan of marketing and brand building, but trump the president has produced a budget that doesn’t support tourism marketing — and that has the travel industry fuming. travel industry leaders are protesting a proposal in trump’s budget, which was released tuesday,...

reap the rewards of digital marketing wizardry

digital marketing can boost your business. get the expertise to grow your company or your pay check with the complete digital marketing course 2017

which industries are the winners where digital marketing is concerned?

while it may be that pretty much every industry is making use of digital marketing tools nowadays, there are some industries that seem to be benefitting more than others. in fact, there are four big stand-outs who are getting some pretty impressive returns on investment where digital marketing is concerned. digital marketing agency single grain […]

4 ways to digital marketing success

digital marketing is the way of the world these days. if you don't want to be left behind then the digital marketing guru bundle will get you up to speed.

why you should intervene if your daughter reads raunchy teen magazines

the original title, ‘in case you didn’t sterilize yourself before sex with a man who doesn’t care about you or your future, you still have 72 hours!’ was exnayed by the marketing team.

colorado’s rainbow alley and the power of mentors for lgbtq youth

bridges came out when she was 30, so she doesn’t know what it’s like to be young and openly queer. but just because she doesn’t know what it’s like to be out at 11-, 12- or 13-years old doesn’t mean she doesn’t get it.

the surprising online marketing method most consumers prefer

also, why a one-size-fits-all marketing content and campaign doesn't work for multigenerational marketing.

adobe consolidates several marketing functions into 'experience cloud'adobe cons

company has combined a flotilla of cloud-based marketing functions into what it calls the adobe experience cloud, debuting it march 21 at its digital marketing summit.

trends that will revolutionize the digital marketing industry for 2017

every year the analysts and researchers come up with trends for the entire year ahead. digital marketing is an industry which is constantly evolving and if you are a web developer who is eager to set your website online and keep profits rolling, you have to increase your knowledge on the changes to digital marketing […]

up next for apple tv: 4k streaming reportedly in the works

the apple tv is a solid product, but it doesn’t do a whole lot more than rival streaming set-top boxes on the market. but there were big plans for the device, according to a new bloomberg report. some of those plans are still on the roadmap, like an upgraded device that can stream 4k content. others, like a skinny bundle of tv networks that could replace a cable subscription, seem like a lost cause. apple just hired former amazon fire tv chief timothy twerdahl to take over apple tv marketing, freeing former marketing head pete distad to make content deals for the device. this move is a promising one, indicating that apple knows the tv needs some work.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

it’s the cubs pitching, stupid

do the cubs players know they were called out by their president? doesn’t look like it. doesn’t look like they heard it, doesn’t look like they understood it, doesn’t look like it mattered. so, to repeat, here’s the key part of theo epstein’s state of the mess address thursday: “if we can improve...

the arab airlines using trump's bans for marketing

arab carriers use electronics ban for clever marketing ads, garnering thousands of clicks and reactions online.

iranian filmmaker imprisoned over his work released early

an award-winning iranian filmmaker imprisoned over his work has been released after serving about five months of his yearlong sentence, though he doesn't know whether he'll make movies again in the islamic republic.

can't pay you enough to go to the gym? you're not alone

offering a payoff to exercise regularly doesn't work, study finds.

msnbc’s mika: kellyanne conway ‘doesn’t believe in what she’s saying’ and secret

mika brzezinski and joe scarborough repeated one of the weirdest washington, d.c. secrets monday morning when they reminded “morning joe” viewers that a senior advisor to president donald trump doesn’t really want to work for the president. “this is a woman, by the way, who c...

why some classic movies won't get a 4k makeover (and why hdr took the industry b

the scrutiny of the new format doesn't work for everything.

can't pay you enough to go to the gym? you're not alone

offering a payoff to exercise regularly doesn’t work, study finds.

how can you make a success in the business world?

outside of the emergency services, working in the corporate sector can be one of the most pressurized industries to work in. many companies want to see results in their planning and marketing strategy straight away, but in reality, things are much different. a company is only as good as its workforce, but what area of […]

microsoft adding email marketing app to office 365 business premiummicrosoft add

microsoft's small business customers will soon be able to launch professional, data-driven email marketing campaigns using office 365.

apple's thunderbolt display doesn’t work with a 12-inch macbook’s usb-c port

while the usb-c connector type has a lot of advantages and it’s now guaranteed with intel’s full support at being the dominant peripheral format for the next many years, there’s still a lot of confusion about the difference between usb-c and thunderbolt 3.that comes up in an email from simon shaw, who can connect his 24-inch apple cinema display to a 12-inch macbook (2016 release) using a mini displayport to usb-c, but finds his 27-inch apple thunderbolt display doesn’t have a solution. it probably seems even more arbitrary when macbook air models dating to 2011, including the ones still on sale, can work with both cinema displays and thunderbolt displays with no problem.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

what happens if a company doesn’t pay you for work?

tech worker's painful legal battle for $42,258: “they said, “we’ll pay you, we’ll pay you. suddenly, they said, “sorry, we can’t pay you. i said, “how can this even happen?’’

carolyn hax: my wife says a naturalist can fix my depression

i want to give my doctor's treatment time to work, but she doesn't trust it.

carolyn hax: my husband broke our household rules

stress at work causes dad to drop the f-bomb with the children and mom doesn't know what to do.

sendgrid expands further into e-mail marketing with bay-area acquisition

sendgrid on tuesday said it acquired san francisco e-mail startup bizzy to help the company's expansion into marketing.

ex-player sues ohio st. for using image in marketing program

one of ohio state's most famous football stars sued the university friday over a marketing program he says used athletes' images without permission and robbed them of compensation.

why ivy league grads are going into multi-level marketing

multi-level marketing is no longer the domain of the middle-aged mom. it’s your real estate agent, doctor, entertainment executive, and overachieving girlfriend who just had a baby.

salesforce to help sales reps with einstein account-based marketingsalesforce to

meeting the needs of both marketing and sales departments with an integrated solution is a tricky proposition, but salesforce.com says its new einstein account-based marketing system delivers the goods.

working poor on minden street exhausted after harvey

houston (ap) — like many of his neighbors on flood-ravaged minden street, lino saldana knows if he doesn’t work, he doesn’t get paid. as volunteers helped him rip out waterlogged, moldy drywall and carpet from his wrecked home, adding to piles of debris along the street that have grown to 5 feet (1.5 meters), saldana […]

to improve our country, women need to do way more than march

while protesting might feel isfying, it doesn't accomplish a whole lot unless you're willing to back it up with a lot of hard work and civic enga ent.