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withings ceo: nokia's name is 'a very powerful weapon'

global domination for withing is on the company's radar thanks to nokia's household name.

nokia will use its withings health devices to send data to your doctor

when nokia bought french fitness technology company withings last year, it was unclear exactly what the former smartphone maker had in mind. withings makes smart scales, activity-tracking watches, and other devices to monitor your wellness, and it continued to update those even after the sale. but now nokia’s plan is clear: the company will relaunch every withings product with the nokia name, overhaul the corresponding health mate app, and launch a platform for doctors and patients to share data from nokia’s health devices. it’s ambitious, to say the least.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

withings brand to be phased out in favor of nokia branding

the withings branding for the health and fitness wearable devices is going away this summer as those products will adopt the nokia name.

withings is changing its name to nokia

withings is out. nokia is in. but it’ll take a while.

withings will join nokia for an ‘exciting’ keynote announcement at mwc

withings has just announced that it'll join nokia for "an exciting keynote announcement" at mwc this year.

goodbye withings, hello nokia

 say goodbye to withings. it’s been less than a year since nokia completed its acquisition of the french smart devices maker and now it the withings brand is about to be sunset. withings’ devices and software will be rebranded under the nokia banner later this summer. withings’ existing line of smart watches, blood pressure monitors, thermometers and cameras will all come… read more

taking a look at the nokia 3, 5, and 6: baby steps

we spent time with the new nokia 6, nokia 5, and nokia 3, and these are some of our initial impressions. spoilers: we’re moderately optimistic!

nokia and hmd reboot the nokia brand across mobile and smart home

 today at mobile world congress hmd held a press conference in barcelona to showcase its newest nokia-branded phones. nokia also provided an update on its ozo vr camera and its smart home business. nokia unveiled its ozo, their 360-degree camera for virtual reality. nokia also talked about withings, which it owns, and its plans for healthcare. withings products are dropping their branding… read more

hmd’s new nokia phones gun for the low-to-mid market, and the 3310 is back

 today at mobile world congress hmd held a press conference in barcelona to showcase its newest nokia-branded phones. nokia also provided an update on its ozo vr camera and withings as expected, the nokia 3 and nokia 5 appeared, and the international variants of the ‘phablet’-sized nokia 6, the rolls royce of the range. rumours that hmd was going to reboot the legendary nokia… read more

nokia 5 and nokia 3 spec leak reveal entry-level androids

detailed specs for two rumored nokia phones have been leaked, and it looks like we’ll see a pair of low-cost smartphones.

new nokias: everything you need to know

the nokia 6, nokia 5 and nokia 3 have been launched at mwc 2017 and we've got all the details.

could the new nokia 3310 end up being a bad thing for next-gen nokia phones?

the nokia 3310 is cashing in on a wave of nostalgia, but the company that has licensed the brand needs to be very careful.

nokia 3310 reboot gives us a healthy dose of nostalgia

as expected, nokia has resurrected the nokia 3310 at mwc 2017.

nostalgia trip: 5 iconic nokia phones hmd could bring back

with hmd rumored to be bringing back a version of the nokia 3310, we decided to offer more suggestions for classic nokia phones we want back.

police: dc officers s man with weapon found to be bb gun

washington (ap) — police say officers in southeast washington, d.c., s a man who refused to drop a weapon that turned out to be a bb gun. police said in a statement tuesday that officers were flagged down by pedestrians after a robbery and when they approached the suspect, he brandished the weapon. police say […]

we played snake, and you can too – no nokia 3310 required (video)

here's how to play nokia snake without needing to buy a revamped nokia 3310.

hmd global rumored to launch two new nokia smartphones at mwc 2017

a new report claims hmd global will reveal two new android-based nokia smartphones at mwc 2017, along with a new version of the nokia 3310 feature phone.

here’s why the new nokia 3310 won't work in the us, australia or canada

thanks to frequency incompatibilities, the new nokia 3310 won’t work in every country but nokia still wants to come to the us.

vic mensa spent one night in jail after getting busted for felony weapon charge

vic mensa was reportedly arrested and booked for carrying an illegal weapon in beverly hills.

nokia's 3310: the greatest phone of all time

why are memories of nokia's beloved brick handset so overwhelmingly positive?

classic comeback? these four nokia phones are rumored for mwc 2017

new and old may mark nokia's return at the big barcelona mobile show later this month.

uber deploys secret weapon against undercover regulators

uber has been wielding a secret weapon to thwart authorities who have been trying to curtail or shut down its ride-hailing service in cities around the world.

police: dc officers s man with weapon found to be bb gun

police say officers in southeast washington, d.c., s a man who refused to drop a weapon that turned out to be a bb gun.

jan. 30 readers letters: beauty, the unstoppable weapon

beauty is the unstoppable weapon in the fight to protect liberty, freedom

the nokia snake slithers its way back on the new 3310 feature phone

hmd will include a new version of the classic nokia snake game in the upcoming new version of the nokia 3310 feature phone.

police: cops shoot, injure teen who pointed weapon at them

centerville, ohio (ap) — police in ohio say a 15-year-old boy pulled a weapon from his waistband and pointed it at two officers walking near the police department, prompting them to shoot and injure the teen. centerville police chief bruce robertson says the teenager ignored repeated orders to drop his weapon. robertson didn’t confirm the […]

nokia 3 specs leak points to 720p display, snapdragon 425 chip, 2 gb ram and mor

the core specs of the nokia 3 have been leaked: here's what the rumored €149 handset is expected to carry.

we go hands on with snake, oh and the nokia 3310 too

we take a look at the newly resurrected nokia 3310. what is new? join us as we take a quick look.

a titanium 'nokia 3310' is on the way (if you have more money than sense)

the nokia 3310 is making another comeback from luxury phone brand gresso offering durable design for a high price.

chart of every nokia dumbphone from 1982-2006

prepare to take a technological trip down memory lane with this enormous comprehensive chart of every nokia dumbphone model starting 35 years ago. extendable antennas, clamshells, you name it. (more…)

gold nokia 3310 with putin's portrait on it

nokia's resurrected 3310 is the dumbphone du jour, but it has two key flaws. first, the 2g radio bands it uses are insecure and being shut down by many telcos, meaning it might not work in your region. second, the base model doesn't have a bas-relief portrait of russian premier vladimir putin on it. sadly, this feature is a $3,700 upgrade from caviar, one of those design houses that supposedly has a classy european pedigree but is, in any case, now devoted entirely to making special editions of phones for drug lords. many are putin themed, but trump is the hot new thing. what’s better than a nokia 3310? a gold nokia 3310 with vladimir putin’s face on it [the outline]

new nokia 3310 vs original nokia 3310: which phone is king?

a blast from the past just got a modern day makeover, and we find out which 3310 is the best.

nokia to acquire software firm comptel for $370 million

helsinki (ap) — in a move to further focus on software technology, nokia says it has offered to acquire software company comptel for some 347 million euros ($370 million). the finland-based telecom networks provider says the cash deal is aimed at providing communications and digital services “across physical, virtual and hybrid networks.” nokia said thursday […]

the fast online sellouts for the nokia 6 just look like ‘flash sales’

hmd says it has sold out of its inventory of the nokia 6 in china twice since it went on sale, making it appear the company is using "flash sales".

nokia 3310 is breaking records for pre-registered interest

carphone warehouse has reported that the nokia 3310 has more pre-registration interest than the biggest flagships.