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your ability to fail without fear is a requirement to reach your goals

what is failure? did you know that you need to fail to live life? yes, you do. when we were all born, we never received a “book of life” that had all the rules laid out for us to skim through when we needed to refer to it. sure, people always told us what to do […] the post your ability to fail without fear is a requirement to reach your goals appeared first on dumb little man.

7 ways rob lowe is more high maintenance than you

rob lowe's requirements for a new personal istant include the ability to work 24/7 making sure the star is fed, supplied with coffee and has the jacuzzi turned on when he returns home from the set.

carruthers should do more in response to trump executive order

trump's order threatens our university's ability to recruit and retain talented students and researchers from all over the world.

no. 4 south carolina women coast past no. 25 kentucky, 75-63

any question about fourth-ranked south carolina's ability to move forward from an upset loss was answered by halftime against no. 25 kentucky.

souhan: conservative approach by vikings can land solid running back

the falcons and the patriots sought balance and the ability to score rushing touchdowns near the goal line. both succeeded without spending a first-round draft pick or multiple millions of dollars on a running back.

americans resigned to insecurity of personal data, pew survey finds

a pew research survey found that a majority of americans have lost faith in internet services’ ability to protect their data, but most aren't taking steps to protect themselves.

trump pledges beefed up cybersecurity but doesn’t sign order

president donald trump pledged tuesday to strengthen the government's ability to protect its computer networks, but then canceled plans to sign an executive order on cybersecurity without explanation.

trump pledges beefed up cybersecurity but doesn't sign order

president donald trump pledged tuesday to strengthen the government's ability to protect its computer networks, but then canceled plans to sign an executive order on cybersecurity without explanation.

review: ra novsky brings dramatic, vocal thrills to 'norma' at lyric

the enduring appeal of "norma" has long exceeded the ability of opera companies to recruit singers equal to the stringent vocal demands of this bel canto cl ic, particularly those demands made on sopranos who dare to take on the murderously difficult title role. little wonder, then, that vincenzo...

netflix brings zombie comedy, other shows to santa clarita as filming booms

with its mix of dry, empty wilderness and suburban sprawl, santa clarita is a cinematically ver ile area known as hollywood’s backlot for its ability to double for locations including the wild west, war-torn iraq and small town usa. this week, santa clarita will take on a role that it has seldom...

nato chief sees growing russian influence in the balkans

nato secretary general jens stoltenberg says the alliance is closely following reports about growing russian influence in the balkans and is cooperating with regional allies to strengthen their ability to resist outside interference.

democrats' goal with court nomination: make it a referendum on trump

washington – judge neil gorsuch’s nomination to the supreme court may hinge on his antagonists’ ability to turn the confirmation into a referendum on his patron, president donald trump.

football: st. francis now has three-way competition at quarterback

jim bonds was a quarterback at ucla and his ability to develop quarterbacks as the football coach at st. francis is apparently attracting aspiring quarterbacks. in the spring semester, st. francis has accepted two qb transfers: junior erik zimmerman from sherman oaks notre dame and sophomore darius...

lawmakers have doubts that the system to license marijuana sales in california w

state lawmakers voiced doubts monday about the ability of state agencies to finish crafting regulations and a licensing system for the sale of recreational marijuana in california by the end of this year, as promised to voters. the possibility of delay was raised at a hearing at the capitol by...

when the gop stole merrick garland’s supreme court seat, they set the stage for

the outrageous obstruction of merrick garland’s nomination to the supreme court — the 10-month-long stonewall by senate republicans that not only stymied the high court’s ability to do its job but effectively stole the nomination of a new justice from president obama — is now delivering its rewards...

trump to sign order strengthening cybersecurity

washington (ap) — president donald trump is planning to sign an executive order aimed at improving the government’s ability to protect its computer networks and fend off ers. the move puts the head of the office of mana ent and budget in charge of cybersecurity efforts within the executive branch and directs federal agency directors to […]

trump courts jordan’s king amid emb y, refugee concerns

washington (ap) — king abdullah ii of jordan’s visit to washington this week is testing president donald trump’s ability to maintain key arab alliances while cracking down on immigration from some muslim countries and possibly moving the american emb y in israel to jerusalem. the next few days could provide an indication if trump is willing […]

iranian filmmaker asghar farhadi's attendance at academy awards in doubt under t

confusion erupted urday in the the wake of president trump’s executive order banning travel to the u.s. from several muslim-majority countries, and its potential impact on the ability of iranian filmmaker and oscar nominee asghar farhadi to attend next month’s academy awards. farhadi, whose...

iranian director to skip oscars over trump’s travel ban

tehran, iran (ap) — an oscar-nominated iranian director said sunday he will not attend this year’s academy awards because of a travel ban imposed by president donald trump. asghar farhadi, an acclaimed director whose film, “the salesman,” was nominated for best foreign language film, said the uncertainty surrounding his ability to travel to the united […]

5 tips to eliminate fear from your life

have you ever failed to do something, or failed to do it to the best of your ability because of fear? unless you are some kind of superhuman, the answer is probably a definite yes. whether it is fear of failure, embar ment, pain, or even success, fear can stop us dead in our tracks, preventing us […] the post 5 tips to eliminate fear from your life appeared first on dumb little man.

nato chief sees growing russian influence in the balkans

sarajevo, bosnia-herzegovina (ap) — nato secretary general jens stoltenberg says the alliance is closely following reports about growing russian influence in the balkans and is cooperating with regional allies to strengthen their ability to resist outside interference. nato chief said thursday in sarajevo that the alliance has seen “several reports about increased russian influence” in […]

facebook’s ai unlocks the ability to search p os by what’s in them

 initially used to improve the experience for visually impaired members of the facebook community, the company’s lumos computer vision platform is now powering image content search for all users. this means you can now search for images on facebook with key words that describe the contents of a p o, rather than being limited by tags and captions. to accomplish the task, facebook… read more

the future of ios is 64-bit only: apple to stop support of 32-bit apps

ever launch an app on your iphone and then get a pop-up warning that says the app may slow down your iphone? (i have old versions of certain apps, so it shows up for me every once in a while.) that warning usually appears when you’re using a 32-bit app. you can still run the app, and you probably don’t even notice the slowdown you’ve been warned about (at least in my personal experience). your ability to run that 32-bit app is coming to an end. as several other mac sites have reported, apple has updated the pop-up warning in the ios 10.3 beta to say that the 32-bit app you’re running “will not work with future versions of ios.” the warning goes on to say that the “developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.”to read this article in full or to leave a comment, p

tim cook: apple may take legal action over immigration restrictions

after sending an email to employees expressing apple’s opposition to the trump administration’s new immigration restrictions, apple ceo tim cook is now making a forceful stand. “more than any country in the world, this country is strong because of our immigrant background and our capacity and ability as people to welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds,” cook told the wall street journal. “that’s what makes us special. we ought to pause and really think deeply through that.”to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

wine 2.0 helps pc games, office 2013, and other windows apps run on linux pcs an

it’s a new year, and a new future for the wine (wine is not an emulator) project. the group recently released wine 2.0 with over 6,600 changes, including support for microsoft office 2013 and the ability to use 64-bit apps on macos. wine 2.0 is part of a planned annual release cycle for the compatibility layer that allows linux and macos users to run some windows applications on their machines.wine 2.0 follows the release of wine 1.0 way back in 2008, though various iterations of wine 1.0 have rolled out since then. the first release candidate for wine 2.0 be e available in december.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

robot gets past “i am not a robot” captcha

when you stop to think about it, one of the most important tools in the future may be the ability to discern a human from a robot. think blade runner. in that light, this video is scary. the post robot gets past “i am not a robot” captcha appeared first on holy kaw!.

why german can convey more ideas than other languages

it would be a big mistake to think that german is an ugly or clumsy language. in fact, the ability to combine words makes german incredibly expressive. the post why german can convey more ideas than other languages appeared first on holy kaw!.

5 tools your online business needs for a super-productive 2017

from accounting functions to the ability to keep track of your team members' tasks, these five apps and software packages are non-negotiable.

8 steps to personal empowerment

step one to success is cultivating your ability to recognize opportunities most people can't see.

iridient x-transformer beta brings much-loved x-trans processing to windows

iridient digital, maker of the popular iridient developer raw conversion software for mac, has announced a public beta of a fujifilm raw converter utility for windows. iridient x-transformer is a standalone utility that takes raf files from fujifilm eras and demosaics them before saving them as dng files. this allows windows users to access the well-regarded processing look that is popular among mac-owning x-trans shooters. era support covers all but the very latest x-series models and covers eras both with x-trans and bayer color filter patterns. the software is designed to give files that are optimized for the conversion software you then import into, with the option to add tags to prevent lightroom from duplicating the sharpening or noise reduction you've chosen to apply with x-

7 core beliefs of great bosses

a great boss has the incredible ability to bring out the best in you.

instagram testing multi-p o album posts

 sometimes when you’re looking at your instagram selects and you can’t quite decide between a few options, or when you want to post something from your trip but also don’t want to overwhelm your followers with a bunch of different pictures in a row, you feel keenly the absence of the ability to post a gallery as a single update. especially if you’ve seen ads that feature… read more

iphone 7 sales helped apple reclaim the top spot in the global smartphone market

 iphone 7 sales put apple back on top as the world’s top smartphone vendor in the fourth quarter, according to a new report from strategy analytics, which attributed at least some of the growth to apple’s ability to capitalize on samsung’s recent missteps. the latter, of course, is referring to the note 7 battery recall, which had led to exploding devices due to design… read more

can’t afford a h elblad? win one instead in the 2018 masters contest

natalia evelyn bencicovah elblad masters 2016winner of the portrait category h elblad is giving away 11 medium-format eras in what it’s describing as the biggest masters competition it has ever held. the 2018 contest introduces a new category for aerial p og hy in tribute, h elblad says, to the company’s roots in aerial work – its first era was an aerial era. the inclusion may also have something to do with drone-manufacturing share-holder dji. entrants need to be working professionals, with a specification that you should have been professional for three years, and any brand of film or digital era can be used. the project/21 category though is open to all p og hers who have yet to reach the age of 22. submissions should consist of three images which don’t have to be a set or re

sony slt a99 ii first impressions review

p okina 2016 proved to us, with the announcement of the a99 ii, that a-mount isn't dead: it was just waiting for the right tech to show up for its next big release, like the 42mp bsi-cmos sensor that debuted in the a7r ii. so much more than an a99 with a new chip, the a99 ii's improved specifications aim to put it in the same company as dslrs like the ni d810 or canon 5d iv, and full-frame mirrorless eras like sony's own a7r ii. key features 42mp bsi cmos imaging sensor 399 on-sensor pdaf points + dedicated pdaf sensor with 79 points dual sd card slots [uhs i] 12fps continuous shooting in raw with c-af 4k uhd 100mbps recording, and 8-bit 4:2:2 4k output over hdmi picture profile settings with log gamma curves 5-axis in body image stabilization wi-fi with nfc the weather-seale