hello every body i'm here to share my experience in the last session with other.
first we studied two units of expanding tactics for listening that contains lots of listenings and pronunciations.
the first pronunciation was about intonation for yes/no and wh- questions.
the second pronunciation was about how to link vowel sounds.
in cl ... we cooperated with our friends to make conver ... ions and then we practiced those with each other.
it was really a great experience for me to create some thing that was new and based on book's instruction.

next time one of my friend mohammad ghahremani gave a lecture that was about some useful tips to improve our listening skills.
here are some of those ways:
1. do not watch movies with subtitle:
when you're watching a movie or cartoon with subtitle the brain decide to focus on subtitle instead of giving care to listening because it's a easier task so you should focus just on people's speaking and if you can't understand you can show/hide subtitle.
2. listen to english media when your doing something else:
listening to english without schedule will help you to do it for a long time and it dosen't waste your time. but when you devote time to listening carefully it is exhausting and wastes your time.
3. you can get some useful english listening from some famous sites and weblog for instance:
www. ... .com

at the end mrs mohammadi played a listening for the cl ... that it was about sky-jumping and we took some noots and we told her what we had got.
thank you for reading.

looking forward to seeing your comments on my e-journal.