because you picked me up when i struggled to get through
because you healed my heart when it was thrown and shattered
because you gave me hope when it seemed so out of reach
because you filled me with peace when chaos flowed through my veins
because you showed me the light when there was only darkness
because you gave me comfort when my voice cried out in pain
because you re ... ured me when the doubts screamed in my head
because you kept me going when there seemed nowhere to go
because you sustained me with strength when weakness be ... e all i knew
because you ... e and stayed when everyone else turned around and left
because you gave me a purpose when life seemed so pointless
because you restored my happiness when life seemed to snatch it away
because you filled this emptiness when the void echoed with loneliness
because you helped me let it all go when i gripped the tightest to hold on
because you showed me the beauty of life when the world showed me nothing but hate and corruption
because you gave me a better life when the old one fought to come back
because i am nothing without you nothing but a hopeless being
because only you could tear down my wall of pride, and instead build it back up with love and humbleness
because of all this, i give you my life lord
i will put all my fears and failures in your hands, my worries that consume me, my pain that destroys me
you were always there, even when i rejected you
because of all you are, my life, oh god, is yours

jacqueline burciaga