1. about the book (tactics for listening) i must say the new version of this book has got better than the old one especially its new chart as pronunciation tips. mrs mohammadi, the master, fortunately pays more attention to this chart so that our intonation will seem natural and also native.

and of course other activities like note-taking, transcribing and making conver ions with each other make us use our mind more and more in an effective way, i think.

2. so far two of our friends has given lecture but as i was absent in the first lecture here i'd just like to comment on the lecture mr.gahramani gave. first i must admit he is really well-educated and fluent in english. he mentioned some important points that we can improve our english by putting them into practice; such as watching movies without subtitle, intonation and pronunciation tips and his recommendation for using any chance we get to improve our english skills like listening to . thanks a bunch. let's see what future will hold for us.